Black Love

Rookie (Sept.,1994)

Black Love Poems

1. My Anger Towards You 8/6/2011
2. Time To See What's Beneath 8/6/2011
3. The Scream 2/4/2010
4. ~thirteen Ways Of Looking At Nature ~ 2/4/2010
5. Sorrow 6/23/2011
6. ~dead Love~ 2/14/2010
7. Screams Of The Innocent Blood 2/4/2010
8. The Heart Of The Ocean 6/28/2011
9. Angel’s Trumpet 6/30/2011
10. Nothing Last Forever 8/23/2011
11. Falling From Grace 7/2/2011
12. I Set Myself Free 6/25/2011
13. Day After Day 2/4/2010
14. So We Love Until The End 8/15/2011
15. Letting Go A Friend 2/4/2010
16. With You 6/28/2011
17. Dark Love 2/14/2010
18. Mistakes 6/26/2011
19. Who Am I 2/4/2010
20. A Mother's Love 2/4/2010
21. Inside Out 6/22/2011
Best Poem of Black Love

Inside Out

I'm so sick, and tire,
Infected with where I live.
Let me live without this.
Just another relationship that doesn't work out.
There's a knife in my back, with my friends name on them.
Trying to relax, but the pain keeps running.
I cant trust no one and covered in scars.
I Sit here locked inside my head,
Remembering everything you've said.
All your insults make me feel like I'm worthless.
Everywhere I go I know they're looking down on me.
Even though they dont know me, they dont like me.
I can’t pretend I’m who you want me to be, so I rather be ...

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Dark Love

Dark love

Who are we to say we know
What LOVE is all about?

Some of us say that were in LOVE
Looking for that perfect girl or that perfect guy.

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