Black Love

Rookie (Sept.,1994)

Black Love Poems

1. My Anger Towards You 8/6/2011
2. Time To See What's Beneath 8/6/2011
3. The Scream 2/4/2010
4. ~thirteen Ways Of Looking At Nature ~ 2/4/2010
5. Sorrow 6/23/2011
6. ~dead Love~ 2/14/2010
7. Screams Of The Innocent Blood 2/4/2010
8. The Heart Of The Ocean 6/28/2011
9. Angel’s Trumpet 6/30/2011
10. Nothing Last Forever 8/23/2011
11. Falling From Grace 7/2/2011
12. I Set Myself Free 6/25/2011
13. Day After Day 2/4/2010
14. So We Love Until The End 8/15/2011
15. Letting Go A Friend 2/4/2010
16. Mistakes 6/26/2011
17. Dark Love 2/14/2010
18. Who Am I 2/4/2010
19. With You 6/28/2011
20. Inside Out 6/22/2011
21. A Mother's Love 2/4/2010
Best Poem of Black Love

A Mother's Love

A Mother's Love,

for her child, is something that can't be understood.

A Mother's Love,

is a unconditional love.

A Mother's Love,

is beyond words.

A Mother

knows everything about her child and

knows what to do to make a child to calm down.

A Mother's Love,

is to guide her child to the right path.

My Mother's Love,
is like an angel God sent from Heaven.

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Day After Day

Day after day,

I lay in my bed, Thinking how my

day is going to start.

Day after day,

I wonder how am I going to dress up today.

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