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Bonnie Harding Poems

1. Tomorrow 7/15/2007
2. Nature 7/15/2007
3. Writing 7/22/2007
4. Rest In Peace 7/25/2007
5. Daddy 8/11/2007
6. My Will 8/11/2007
7. The Gift 9/14/2007
8. White Roses 2/2/2008
9. I Wonder 11/9/2009
10. Thirty Years 11/22/2009
11. Don'T Think Of Me.... 11/22/2009
12. Dear Jim 12/1/2009
13. Life 12/5/2009
14. You Must Have Needed An Angel 7/2/2010
15. Jimbo's Song 7/2/2010
16. Because I Love You 7/2/2010
17. Gavin 8/11/2007
18. A Child Not Forgotten 9/14/2007
19. Echos Of Life 11/16/2007
20. Only Your Love Can Heal Me 12/1/2009
21. Damn I'M Lucky 10/12/2007
Best Poem of Bonnie Harding

Damn I'M Lucky

The cloud over my head got no silver lining
Three leaf clovers is all I'm finding
The leprechaun I caught ain't got no gold
And my rabbits foot is too damn old
Got a horseshoe hanging above my bed
Had to go to the doc's when it fell on my head
Found me a frog and gave it a big kiss
Warts on my lips is what I got for this
Heads up pennies in my shoes
Bruised my toes and turned them blue
I bought me a bracelet full of lucky charms
The very next day I broke my arm
Damn I'm lucky because this ain't true
You know you wish you were lucky too..

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Tomorrow I'll be Wanted
Tomorrow I'll be Cared for
Tomorrow I'll be Needed
Tomorrow I'll be Adored

Tomorrow I'll be Special
Tomorrow I'll be Kind
Tomorrow I'll be Pretty
Tomorrow I'll be Fine

Tomorrow I'll be Happy
Tomorrow I'll be Free
Tomorrow I'll be Loved
Tomorrow's the death of Me

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