Chantal Lammerts

Chantal Lammerts Poems

1. When we were parted 3/15/2008
2. Every Day 10/6/2008
3. writing to me 10/6/2008
4. I have to get away 12/19/2008
5. My one and only cure 11/18/2008
6. Whatever will be 7/18/2010
7. As a child grows up 2/19/2009
8. why oh why? my oh my... 12/19/2008
9. The lights go out, I flee 3/12/2009
10. Catch me, Hold me 3/12/2009
11. The Stone And The Well 3/14/2009
12. No longer -me-, as part of -us- 3/18/2009
13. My poetry 5/29/2009
14. The Dance of Opposites 10/26/2009
15. Mirror, Mirror 12/23/2011
16. What Happened To Reality? 11/21/2012
17. I'll say, I'll sing... 12/19/2008
18. My mistakes 12/23/2008
19. The sea 12/24/2008
20. next year 12/30/2008

what is life?

What is life; more than a delay between past and future?
What is future; when life is nothing more than a halt?
Is there anything at all? These thoughts work as a torture,
If it is nothing, is it anyone’s fault?

Did we mess up in the past?
Or are we not as important as we think?
Maybe we should enjoy it as long as it lasts,
And what if it is over in a blink?

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