Treasure Island

Char Pattrick


Poems of Char Pattrick

1. A kiss of my life 9/24/2009
2. Always will 9/24/2009
3. As it all collides 9/22/2009
4. Baby feet 9/23/2009
5. Beautiful memories 9/26/2009
6. Breeze 9/24/2009
7. Can't be found 9/24/2009
8. Chocolate 9/23/2009
9. Dream and ponder 9/27/2009
10. Eternally 9/24/2009
11. Fall asleep 9/24/2009
12. Footprints of someone you know 9/24/2009
13. Forever into sand 9/24/2009
14. Give a little 9/24/2009
15. Heartfelt friendships 9/26/2009
16. I keep dreaming 9/24/2009
17. I know how it feels too 9/24/2009
18. I'd have to be a thief 9/24/2009
19. I'll see you again 9/26/2009
20. In my dreams 9/24/2009

Baby feet

Nothing shall make you cry or bring you to harm
Angelic toes that have many many miles to go
With joyous passion you are here and not for show
Make the years count and days last a lifetime
As your little hands grow beautiful over this time
Spread your wings and may the sunshine on you
With a smile that melts my heart and others too
This day is yours and always shall be here and now
Show this world what it is and show them how

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