Christian K. Montiel

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Christian K. Montiel Poems

1. When You Are Alone. 9/27/2006
2. December. 9/28/2006
3. I'M Dying Inside. 9/28/2006
4. Intimate Strangers. 9/29/2006
5. Fantasies 1/25/2007
6. Whom May Concern/Suicide Note 2/10/2007
7. Down With You. 3/7/2007
8. Guilty Pleasure. 4/24/2007
9. Love Me. 5/21/2007
10. Alicia. 9/17/2007
11. The Wrong Way Home. 9/17/2007
12. Vacancy. 9/17/2007
13. On This Night. 10/2/2007
14. Holy Emotions. 10/2/2007
15. I Ride With My Love. 10/11/2007
16. Missing Lyrics. 10/12/2007
17. The Last Sunset. 10/12/2007
18. My Love For You. 10/19/2007
19. Beyond The Sun. 10/20/2007
20. No Peace. 10/24/2007
21. Love In Silence. 10/24/2007
22. Nightmares In Beautiful Dreams 10/29/2007
23. Nasty Lady. 10/31/2007
24. Such A Good Friends. 11/1/2007
25. So Naughty. 11/1/2007
26. You Can Love Me Slow. 11/2/2007
27. Me, Him And The Other One. 11/6/2007
28. Follow My Lead. 11/14/2007
29. Eternal Love. 12/5/2007
30. Night Of Lust. 12/5/2007
31. Single Mothers. 12/5/2007
32. Irma. 12/5/2007
33. Newborn. 1/5/2008
34. Unfaithful. 1/5/2008
35. My Poem. 1/5/2008
36. How Sad. 12/4/2007
37. Carmelita From The Store. 12/4/2007
38. Eternal Reveal. 12/4/2007
39. Love Apart. 12/4/2007
40. Pictures. 12/5/2007
Best Poem of Christian K. Montiel

Kids Having Kids.

Kids having kids
Now the playgrounds are empty like the soul of this new generation, it seems everyone wants to love faster, live faster and I think beyond their capabilities.
Now a electronic device means more than words or feelings, now you can be in love with out knowing what really means or feels, now you can run away with out feeling attach to whatever you love or desire.
No more romantic candle lights dinner, no more hopes for a great everlasting love, nothing matters anymore but the numb superficial meaning of things.

Maybe that is why the true looks strange on this ...

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Sexual Desire

Sexual desire is into my mind,
When I close my eyes and dream
About you.
Sometimes is hard to deal
With the stereotypes that people give me when I tell them about you and me, they say I'm just a poor dreamer
Falling in love with something that never exists.
But you are a dream that I don't want to wake up from it, that is why my eyes I would never like to open.
This is just a feeling that develops around me and every time that I run my fingers trough your skin so I can feel you close to

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