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Chuks Kevin Nwaokolo Poems

1. Jealousy 10/3/2011
2. Fear 10/3/2011
3. They Say I'M Going Nuts 10/3/2011
4. Thoughtlesness 10/3/2011
5. Dying To Survive 10/4/2011
6. God Sent 10/4/2011
7. Still I Need Me A Smile To Move On 10/29/2011
8. The Night He Died 10/29/2011
9. Death Knows Your Name 1/15/2012
10. Oh! I Cry 2/4/2012
11. Into The Past 2/10/2013
12. Because Of What She's Done 4/21/2013
13. From A Distance 4/21/2013
14. Mi Carino 4/29/2013
15. God Sent Part 2 5/7/2013
16. My One In A Million 5/16/2013
17. The Bleeding Heart 7/7/2013
18. The Whisper 5/14/2013
19. In The Event Of My Distraction 10/1/2011
20. You Are The Reason For Today 2/14/2013
21. Lets Fly Away 2/14/2013
22. Nice Guys Finish Last 10/1/2011
23. This Is My Gift To You 2/14/2013
24. Because You Are Mine 5/7/2013
25. Happy Valentine 2/14/2013
26. The Freed Slave 10/1/2011
27. I Remember You 2/22/2013
Best Poem of Chuks Kevin Nwaokolo

I Remember You

Like it was few minutes ago,

I remember you,

I remember your pretty face,

I remember your mother-like voice,

I remember the hope in your voice,

I remember the inspiration in you eye,

I remember the curve on your lips when you smile,

I remember the color of your skin,

I remember the smell of your perfume,

I remember your sad and happy moment,

I remember your pain and struggle,

I remember how he never noticed,

I remember how you were forgotten by him,

I remember how she cared and ...

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You can keep hating or let go
Appreciate me for what I am
Stop the jealousy
Coming straight from the street
You perhaps write against me with your twisted lies.
Still with the swiftness of the wind, I move.
You can blame me for knowing my way around
You can recreate me in your mind
Change my name in your head.

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