Treasure Island

Cicely Fox Smith

(1882-1954 / England)

Poems of Cicely Fox Smith

1. A Ballad Of Old And New 8/28/2010
2. A Ballad Of The Time 8/28/2010
3. A Bird's Call 8/30/2010
4. A Castle In Spain 8/30/2010
5. A Cavalry Soldier 8/30/2010
6. A Channel Rhyme 8/30/2010
7. A Complaint 8/30/2010
8. A Contrast 8/30/2010
9. A Coral Island 8/30/2010
10. A Declaration Of War 8/30/2010
11. A Dog's Life 8/30/2010
12. A Farewell (1904) 8/30/2010
13. A Garden In The North 8/30/2010
14. A Job O' Work 8/30/2010
15. A Lament 8/30/2010
16. A Lancashire Hare 8/30/2010
17. A Lancashire Sunset 8/30/2010
18. A Lift By The Way 8/30/2010
19. A Message 8/30/2010
20. A Mighty Hunter Before The Lord 8/30/2010

A Ballad Of The Time

A man there was, called - what you will; he came of an ancient breed:
Sprung from the loins of the grey North, his sires were men indeed;
And they were lords of all the seas, and, dreaded in all lands,
Years ago and years ago, for they were strong o' their hands.

All in a rich and easy land suddenly dawned a day
When the talk was not of football - that he watched but could not play,
When streets were loud with marching feet, and loud the ringing quays
With more to swell the bloody toll

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