Cindy Wyatt

Cindy Wyatt Poems

1. Most Important Thing To Know 7/1/2009
2. Jesus Came To Save 7/30/2009
3. Only Two Groups 7/13/2010
4. Jesus Was Innocent 2/3/2011
5. 'How'D You Get So Rich' 11/18/2012
6. I Love Jesus (Part 2) 11/29/2012
7. I'M A Loser 12/8/2012
8. Homeland Security 12/18/2012
9. Calm Assurance 12/28/2012
10. So Many People Are Lost 1/10/2013
11. Great Inheritance 1/18/2013
12. I Want To See My Savior 1/24/2013
13. Anybody Can 2/5/2013
14. A Hungry Heart 4/4/2013
15. The Master Potter 4/18/2013
16. Forgiven By Jesus 5/3/2013
17. Springs Of Living Water 5/25/2013
18. Two Beggars 6/24/2013
19. A Mother's Heart 7/13/2013
20. Faith 5/4/2013
21. A Leper Gives Thanks 9/22/2013
22. Just Think 10/15/2013
23. Time To Take Down Our Sails 3/7/2014
24. I Wanna Serve Jesus 3/27/2014
25. Joyful In Afflictions 4/2/2014
26. All Have Sinned 5/22/2014
27. Hungry And Thirsty 6/9/2014
28. A Mother's Love 6/23/2014
29. Saving From The Fire 10/15/2014
30. Be Steady, Be Ready 11/28/2014
31. God Tried Me 3/18/2015
32. A Good Name 4/13/2015
33. A Good Samaritan 4/16/2015
34. Abraham Believed God 6/17/2015
35. Be Not Deceived By False Teachers 6/17/2015
36. Asking And Receiving 7/17/2015
37. God Can Do Anything 9/10/2015
38. The Beautiful City Of God 10/21/2015
39. Jesus Bears My Burdens 1/11/2016
40. Power To The Faint 2/4/2016
Best Poem of Cindy Wyatt


Sometimes hearts beat slow and then sometimes fast
People get so scared they end up at the ER at last
Doctors do EKGs and look at the monitor sheet
But no one knows but God when your heart will stop to beat

You are only just a heartbeat away from eternity
Do you know Jesus Christ for your eternal security
One day your heart will stop beating and you know not when
If you want to go to heaven trust Jesus while you can

Don't wait until another day because that is not the safe way
Today is the day of salvation is what the bible does say
Tomorrow could be...

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Noah And The Ark

The only way to be saved is
through faith in Christ's shed blood
The kind of faith that Noah had when
he built the ark before the flood

Noah obeyed God's word
and built the boat God told him to
All the people on earth were destroyed
except for just a few

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