Colin Coplin


Poems of Colin Coplin

21. Damien 11/22/2010
22. Don't Be Sad, Don't Be Blue 12/8/2010
23. Don't Forget To Say Goodbye (on your way to heaven) 8/15/2012
24. Drop Stone 8/15/2012
25. End Of The World 11/22/2010
26. Everything To Me 3/24/2011
27. Fast Eddy 11/22/2010
28. Fifteen Minutes Of Fame 8/15/2012
29. For You, I Gave It All Away 8/15/2012
30. Forget You I Never Will 12/8/2010
31. Give Me Your Love 9/9/2012
32. Good Friends 12/8/2010
33. Good Luck (but maybe I'm close enough) 11/22/2010
34. Heartbreak Hotel, Is Not Where I Want To Be 8/3/2012
35. Heaven's Behind My Woman's Door 3/24/2011
36. Hero's In The Foam 3/24/2011
37. Hole In The Roof Of The World 12/8/2010
38. I Am Man 12/8/2010
39. I Can't Walk Alone 8/15/2012
40. I Don't Play For Money 11/22/2010

Age Of Empire

Who’ll build the homes where you live
Who’ll hunt the food and plant the seed
Who’ll cross the mountains, discover whole new lands
In self play mode, who will give a damn

Who’ll teach the children about the past
Who’ll sing the songs and make us laugh
Who’ll dream the future and put it in our grasp
In self play mode, who can sit and watch

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