Treasure Island

Cosmic Dreamer

(12/04/1966 / The Cosmos...)

Poems of Cosmic Dreamer

1. A Dream Lover 10/30/2011
2. A Dreamer's Journey 10/30/2011
3. A great fear... 6/30/2012
4. A Living Dream... 4/20/2011
5. A love so true... 10/7/2012
6. A moment in time... 11/11/2011
7. A moonlight embrace... 10/26/2010
8. A perfect world... 3/20/2012
9. A smile... 10/26/2010
10. A Step Out Of Time 4/26/2012
11. A sublime beginning… 3/4/2012
12. A tasty toxic brew... 7/20/2013
13. A walk along the beach... 10/27/2010
14. A waltz of words... 11/2/2011
15. An Everlasting Kiss... 4/27/2011
16. And so I dream... 9/27/2011
17. Angel Heart... 3/12/2012
18. Angel of Dreams 10/24/2010
19. Angel of love, trust and care... 4/29/2012
20. Angel of my dreams... 11/2/2011

Heavens Playground...

The night sky is sprinkled with the jewels of angels,
Magically they hang there for all eternity,
I gaze upon those bright beacons of shimmereing crystal,
I connect the dots across the fabric of space and time,
Through a silky black sequined sky to heavens playground,
A dream world where our souls can dance upon starlight,
In dreams we ride the celestial skies until the morning light,
For dawn shall arrive and pierce through the heart of night,
Bleeding soft sunlight onto our be

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