Count Dracula

Count Dracula Poems

1. Forget Me 7/4/2010
2. Life 7/4/2010
3. Love 7/4/2010
4. Memory And Presence 7/4/2010
5. Intertwined 7/4/2010
6. Eternally Immune 7/4/2010
7. The Embrace 7/4/2010
8. Vile 7/4/2010
9. Assasin 7/4/2010
10. Angel Of Mine 7/4/2010
11. Ascension 7/4/2010
12. Lost Love 7/4/2010
13. Love Of The Light From The Dark 7/4/2010
14. Love Struck 7/4/2010
15. Teardrops In My Eyes 7/4/2010
16. Moonlight 7/4/2010
17. Birds Of Passage 7/4/2010
18. The Day Is Done 7/4/2010
19. Special Friend 7/4/2010
20. Life Has Stolen From Me 7/4/2010
21. Death Surrounds Me 7/4/2010
22. Loves Silent Call 7/4/2010
23. Love And A Rose 7/4/2010
24. Visions 7/4/2010
25. Vision In The Rain 7/4/2010
26. Abandoned 7/4/2010
27. Pain Is The Truth That There Is No Hope 7/4/2010
28. Pain 7/4/2010
29. Oh! The Pain 7/4/2010
30. Plunge To Eternity 7/4/2010
31. Love Is 4/4/2011
32. Dreams 5/29/2011
33. Dreamt Of You 5/29/2011
34. Are You Still Mine 5/29/2011
35. You And Me 5/29/2011
36. What I Wanted 5/29/2011
37. You Make Me Feel 5/30/2011
38. For A Cute Girl 5/30/2011
39. Believe 5/30/2011
40. We Will Meet 5/30/2011
Best Poem of Count Dracula

A Girl With Blue Eyes So Deep

Blue eyed girl with hidden passion in the night
Silent tears that call from her heart within
Come to me now love, it will all be alright
Falling in love is never really a sin

Rest within these loving arms of mine
Let each stroke of my hand on your hair tell you I care
Free your heart from those memories that cage your mind
Realize now that my love will always be there

Let that smile be for only me alone
Give me a moment and Ill give you a lifetime more
Accept from me the little things of love that you need to be shown
Realize that loving you ...

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Teardrops In My Eyes

I could not even get teardrops in my eyes
I could not even tell her the state of my heart
My heart was wounded so bad
I could not even show my wounds to her
Whenever I think of her
Even if I tried not to
I could not hide the teardrops in my eyes
Some such people have come into my life
The one I could never forget in my lifetime

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