Craig Piercy

Rookie (21st Of July 1966 / Hamilton New Zealand)

Craig Piercy Poems

1. Pure Emotions 8/17/2010
2. Cold Winters Day 8/17/2010
3. Goodbye Geoff 8/17/2010
4. A Nowhere Place 6/10/2011
5. Freedom 6/13/2011
6. I'M Just Glad 6/13/2011
7. Rising Dreams 6/18/2011
8. Singing Heart 6/18/2011
9. Stepping Out 6/18/2011
10. Souls Walking By 6/18/2011
11. You Walked Away! 6/18/2011
12. The Amazing Power Of Humanity 6/18/2011
13. Affection 6/18/2011
14. Daddy's Gone 6/13/2011
15. Volcano Of Passion 12/17/2007
16. Father And Daughter 6/13/2011
17. A Lost Soul 6/10/2011
18. The Flight Of The Pelican 12/17/2007
19. Goodbye Daddy 8/17/2010
20. Take Me Away! 6/18/2011
21. Dawn Of A New Day 6/18/2011
22. Death Of My Father 6/10/2011
23. The Canadian Flag 6/10/2011
24. The Businessman 6/13/2011
25. Taking A Stand 9/16/2010
Best Poem of Craig Piercy

Taking A Stand

When you see things clearly you understand, you must sometimes make a stand
When things around you change you realize you must rearrange
Why do others find this strange?

In life as in work things change
Sometimes for the better, sometimes worse
Often you think of it as a curse

Imagine for a minute if things stayed the same
Remained constant never rearranging day after day
Month after month, year after year just staying the same
Would this not kill the game?

The beauty in life is the changes that come and go
It’s often like the seasons changing ...

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Volcano Of Passion

As the passion builds inside, my heart beats faster
My mouth goes dry
My hands become clammy
My eyes widen in anticipation
Out comes a flow of words, a flow of meanings
A flow of thought and feelings

I can feel it growing inside me, waiting to burst out
I really just want to shout as the words flow out onto the page

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