Craig Piercy

Rookie (21st Of July 1966 / Hamilton New Zealand)

Craig Piercy Poems

1. Pure Emotions 8/17/2010
2. Cold Winters Day 8/17/2010
3. Goodbye Geoff 8/17/2010
4. A Nowhere Place 6/10/2011
5. Freedom 6/13/2011
6. I'M Just Glad 6/13/2011
7. Rising Dreams 6/18/2011
8. Singing Heart 6/18/2011
9. Stepping Out 6/18/2011
10. Souls Walking By 6/18/2011
11. You Walked Away! 6/18/2011
12. The Amazing Power Of Humanity 6/18/2011
13. Affection 6/18/2011
14. Daddy's Gone 6/13/2011
15. Father And Daughter 6/13/2011
16. Take Me Away! 6/18/2011
17. The Flight Of The Pelican 12/17/2007
18. A Lost Soul 6/10/2011
19. Dawn Of A New Day 6/18/2011
20. The Businessman 6/13/2011
21. Volcano Of Passion 12/17/2007
22. Taking A Stand 9/16/2010
23. Death Of My Father 6/10/2011
24. Goodbye Daddy 8/17/2010
25. The Canadian Flag 6/10/2011
Best Poem of Craig Piercy

The Canadian Flag

Red and white with a single maple leaf in the centre
It blows in the breeze
Strong and free, it represents people with so much diversity

I look in awe, for this flag inspires me to want so much more
Flapping so perfectly against the skyline, high on top of a pole
It's hoisted with such pride and passion, stirring something deep inside of me

Opening my heart, allowing me to think of Canada so romantically
Stirring it is, for people died and continue to
To keep its sovereignty, to keep its honor, to keep it Canadian

All this seen by me, a foreigner from a ...

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Cold Winters Day

Walking down the road on a cold winters day
Singing all of the way, not carrying a load
Walking toward my abode, stride by stride
Shoulders back, standing strong and so glad that I’m not wrong
Feeling six feet tall
Life is just a ball

Looking around seeing kids playing, seeing kids smiling
There’s no denying, life’s a ball!

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