Daniel Brick

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Daniel Brick
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I was born in the late 1940s which makes me one of the BABY-BOOMERS. But we could also have been called PEACE-BABIES, because that's why so many of our parents wanted
to start families - a horrendous war had ended in total victory and the Great Depression had been replaced by the New Prosperity. My parents, from lower middle backgrounds, benefited from this prosperity and were truly grateful to God and Country. But peace did not last. Ultimately, the war-mongers of the century can always find a reason for violence, and I include our nation, almost continually fighting a war somewhere, in this criticism. I'm not talking about valid or invalid reasons for war but rather the brutal FACT OF... more »

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  • Susan Williams Susan Williams (9/1/2016 4:20:00 PM)

    A volume of Daniel Brick's poetry can sit on a bookshelf with its head up and spine straight among all the volumes of the best of poetry from the pens of all the best classic authors- - Dickinson, Frost, Sandburg, cummings, Tennyson, name your favorite. Daniel's pen flows with magic not just ink. Let me introduce you to a few of my Brick favorites:
    A Daughter Remembers- - This poem absolutely must be published for the world to see- - pick out any magazine, book, anthology you want and there is not one doubt in my mind that they would snap it up. A poem like this should not be kept out of the public eye. That would be literature abuse. Its every word, line, image make this poem POETIC PERFECTION.
    Acting Medea- - -Just reading Daniel Brick's poetry is in itself an immersion in great classics and what they teach us about the human psyche. If only there had been millions of children in Daniel's classrooms- - what an educated populace we would have today... I'm not talking minds filled merely with the factoids of literature but with the psychology, philosophy, morality, and sensitivity that make up the spirit and soul of literature- - - the things that he filled his students' minds with would have created a population that would change the world. These are the things he fills his readers' minds with today, things that could change us and change how we interact with each other and the world.
    End Of The Sagas: A Hero Beyond Measure- - -Oh, yes, sit down and be ready to be served up a great tale from the lips of a fine fine storyteller! ! ! I love a well-written, stirring, challenging epic. I have to tell you that in reading the first stanza I pictured that horse in agony in Picasso's Painting- -Guernica. That is what Daniel Brick can do to his readers- -make their minds free to delve in all the arts. What especially stirs me is that the speaker of this poem is given the lowly status of the hero's vassal, not the hero himself. Daniel Brick does not go for the obvious. No, he gives layer upon layer to this tale and that gives it such richness, such depth, such gritty imbalances between the hero and the lowly chronicler. With this poem, he gives sagas a new life, a new value.... I simply cannot tell you how great this poem is, I do not have the words, I'm just sitting by the fire, eyes wide and all agog as the storyteller weaves his magic.
    Questions Before Sleep- - - - - Daniel does not cease to amaze me! ! ! ! He does not seem to have any boundaries to his imagination- - he soars above such fences and boundaries. He explores realms I never think of but by the time he is through with me I have meditated deep and long about these realms. Questions is a poem so unique, so full of magic and enchantment and questions and gorgeous images that I am green-eyed with envy!
    Two Leaves, An Autumn Poem- - - - I suspect poems written about falling leaves number in the millions! Yet Daniel takes this topic and make it entirely his own- - fresh, vivid, and with attitude! ! ! ! He is a remarkable writer and I am having so much enjoyment reading the variety of poetry that he has posted- - -plus reading Brick is kind of like a college course in how-to-write poetry! It's been weeks since I have read this poem but I keep having this image in my mind- - the slightly hesitating twirl of the first falling leaf- - - then the bold fall of the second leaf onto the stream which takes it on a rattling good adventure leaving his sibling leaves lying in staid silence on the ground just feet from where they lived their lives. I bet Daniel could write a great poem about a garden hose! ! ! !
    Among the Shadows- - - - - - This is magnificent writing- -this is so well-written it gives me the shivers deep in my soul! It stuns me. It is like Ophelia in 3 Acts in that it is also stunning in its excellence and intelligence. This poem packs emotion in every word, builds emotion in every line- - -not surprising in the poet who wrote Daughter Remembers. This poem is my all-time favorite and should be Poem of the Year [being as a day is too short]!
    Ophelia in Three Acts- - - - - - - - - - - -Gasp! ! ! ! ! Daniel takes Shakespeare on! ! ! And he not only survives, he astonishes. He stands side by side with the Great Bard himself and I believe William would have been charmed and excited by Daniel's poem. I know I am. What an intriguing thing he has done here,
    In short, the poetry of Daniel Brick has my head swirling with questions and wonders and imagery and magic and psychology and philosophy and memories and heroism. Every time I have picked up a new poem to read I find it Absolutely the top-notch writing that I have come to expect from Daniel Brick.

  • Nosheen Irfan Nosheen Irfan (8/6/2016 3:13:00 AM)

    Daniel's poetry and his reviews are a treasure for this site n for the members n visitors. He has great depth n insight that is unmatched n unrivaled. We are so lucky to come across his classy works that have so many layers of meaning. He is also a gem of a person with a large heart n mind. You can't help but be impressed with his persona n aura that is reflected beautifully through his poems n his reviews. Don't have enough words for him.

  • Bharati Nayak Bharati Nayak (2/23/2016 8:10:00 AM)

    I am just awed by Daniel's poems and reviews.They have so much depth, they are so insightful.It is wonderful to see how he connects our inner self with the outer self.It is always a pleasure to read his reviews.He is not only a poet of very high stature but a good human being as he always inspires others with his positive words.He is a crusader against terrorism and inequality.We can never describe Daniel as a poet, critique or person in these few words.I only salute him for his great contribution to the world of literature.I am so lucky to have met him through this webite- -Poem Hunter..

  • Galina Italyanskaya Galina Italyanskaya (1/6/2016 5:04:00 PM)

    Daniel, you deserve odes!)

  • Pamela Sinicrope Pamela Sinicrope (1/5/2016 3:04:00 PM)

    For Daniel
    PS Sinicrope

    A flight of seagulls,
    A stash of old poems,
    muses and music,
    An imaginary garden,
    A golden skylark,
    A walk in the woods-

    These are the things that
    Unlock his desires
    And set his soul on fire.
    Apotheosis achieved
    On a daily basis
    In the mind of a man
    Who sees the world through a magic lens.

    A black fedora
    And a large winter coat
    Obstruct the smiling face
    And the gentle soul within.
    He’s free with a laugh, a story
    And a kind word—
    An’ irish midwestern’ gentleman to a tee.

    He’s a a poet’s poet
    That shares his passion
    Through imaginative commentary
    And inspired verse

    To you, we raise our hands up
    In a toast of friendship and camaraderie.
    Happy New Year 2016
    Daniel Brick! 

  • Souren Mondal Souren Mondal (11/23/2015 8:28:00 AM)

    Daniel Brick is one of those poets that my college professors used to say 'not to be read in leisure but to be toiled hard to understand'. His works have an immense and profound sense of history - both of the world and of literature - encapsulated in them. I read him first with his Port Trakl poems which were fascinating and gave me 'goosebumps'. Each one of his lines are crafted to perfection and have numerous meanings that is up to the reader to interpret. A master craftsman he is what Pound was to Eliot - 'il miglior fabbro'..

    Anyone who had read his poems would agree that his poems are both capable of teaching as well as giving them 'goosebumps'. His criticisms are extremely detailed and are really positive and commendable...

    Just to say one more thing, and amateur's advice on reading his poems, do not 'rush' with them. Allow the poems to enter your bloodstream as it were and 'feel' the magnitude of them.. And as Pamela said below me, he is a 'gift' as well as a blessing to all of us poets as well as a blessing...

    Thank you for your wonderful poetry and extraordinary criticisms...

  • Simone Inez Harriman Simone Inez Harriman (10/30/2015 4:04:00 AM)

    Daniel, you are a true master poet. Your craft is finely honed laced with vivid images and intellectual insights of human nature and seasonal beauty. I am honored that you encouraged and inspired me to write again when I lay down my pen. For this I am grateful and forever in your debt. I thank you from my heart.

    Simone :)

  • Sandra Feldman (10/10/2015 11:55:00 PM)

    Daniel Brick,
    You are an exceptional man and poet, building brighter paths towards higher poetic mountains
    and excellence. You honor the universal stage of poetry.

  • Kelly Kurt Kelly Kurt (9/28/2015 4:16:00 PM)

    Daniel is a poets poet. An erudite, educated, intelligent writer who uses all of the senses in his works. One cannot help but be swept up in his literature. The only part I do not like, is the end. I am always wanting more! I am not an 'educated' poet. I write without knowledge of how or why, but Mr. Brick does not choose to pick my errors to pieces. Instead, he carefully explains his interpretations and offers insight, letting me know what worked and, by default, what didn't. His comments come in paragraphs, not cliched phrases. Thank you sir for all you do for poetry and poets!

  • Pamela Sinicrope Pamela Sinicrope (9/16/2015 1:53:00 PM)

    I'm so grateful to have come across both PoemHunter and Daniel Brick! I love reading and analyzing his poetry... His poetry often gets me thinking (dangerously) for days... In a good way. He is a supportive writer in that he provides both complementary as well as constructive commentary. I've enjoyed our exchanges over his poetry as well as my own. It's my personal goal to grow and improve as a writer and to just appreciate good writing. Daniel's participation on this site is a gift to all of us.

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Best Poem of Daniel Brick

The Abandoned Poem

I wrote a long poem
for you this morning
in the pure light
of an untouched day.

The poem was marvelous!
It took two hours to write,
two hours to revise,
one hour to copy neatly.

As I read the final draft,
I felt I was in your presence:
your flesh as pure as the light,
your mind as untouched as the day.

The poem was one moment
a window through which I saw
your beauty. The next moment,
a mirror reflecting our joy.

Then a darkness that was not
nature's fell across my desk.
I dropped my pen, closed my
notebook. My ...

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