Treasure Island

daniel romero

(los angeles)

Poems of daniel romero

1. a hero 2/3/2009
2. cheat code. 2/3/2009
3. hero version 2 5/17/2009
4. hope 2/3/2009
5. i am 2/3/2009
6. oh snowball 2/3/2009
7. poetry is 2/3/2009
8. shadow of death. 2/3/2009


Hope is the glint of the eye
hope is the sound of laughter
hope is the warmth of the heart
hope is the light at the end of the tunnel
hope is the eternal feeling that there is someone to help you in your time of need.
Hope is the shining light in the darkness that never goes away.
Because you may be in pain or depression
but hope will always be there.
No matter how they may crush you, but hope will pick you up.

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