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1. I'M Not Alone I'M With Someone 5/15/2009
2. I'M In Love Again 5/21/2009
3. I'Ll Be The One 5/21/2009
4. My Love One 5/8/2009
5. You Think I'M The One 5/30/2009
6. The Beauty 5/30/2009
7. Show Me The Meaing Of Being Lonly 5/30/2009
8. I'M 4gotten 5/30/2009
9. Fight 5/30/2009
10. I'M Falling 5/30/2009
11. The World 5/30/2009
12. Why Cant I Think 5/30/2009
13. Is She The One 5/30/2009
14. I Just Want You 2 Know 5/30/2009
15. Girls 5/30/2009
16. What Are You Capable Of 5/30/2009
17. Blame Me 5/27/2009
18. I'M So Angry 5/12/2009
19. Dance To The Beat 5/30/2009
20. Courage 5/27/2009
21. I'M Being Controlled 5/21/2009
22. I Want To Hold Your Hands And Walk A Mile 5/6/2009
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I Want To Hold Your Hands And Walk A Mile

I want to hold your hands and walk a mile
don't wont to miss u, even a while

My life is so beautiful cause
Dear, its you..My LIFE

Hug me for my worries to die
my tears to dry and
my loneliness to fly

It hurts me to know
how i sometimes can be a little selfish
when it comes to you.

I am getting sentimental over you!
for god sake explain me why all this..

I miss you every moment of the day,
I keep me awake just to listen to you,
I keep me empty just for you to fill,
i keep me alive just to see you.

My mornings miss ...

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I'M So Angry

I'm so angry I want to strangle someone
I'm so angry I can't think right
I'm so angry I want to fight
I'm so angry I don't like the night
I'm so angry that I'm not bright
I'm so angry I want to explode

I'm so angry love is nothing to me
I'm so angry I will never feel happiness

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