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Daniel Vango Poems

1. I'M Not Alone I'M With Someone 5/15/2009
2. I'M In Love Again 5/21/2009
3. I'Ll Be The One 5/21/2009
4. My Love One 5/8/2009
5. Blame Me 5/27/2009
6. You Think I'M The One 5/30/2009
7. The Beauty 5/30/2009
8. Show Me The Meaing Of Being Lonly 5/30/2009
9. I'M 4gotten 5/30/2009
10. Fight 5/30/2009
11. I'M Falling 5/30/2009
12. The World 5/30/2009
13. Why Cant I Think 5/30/2009
14. Is She The One 5/30/2009
15. I Just Want You 2 Know 5/30/2009
16. What Are You Capable Of 5/30/2009
17. Different 9/23/2015
18. I'M So Angry 5/12/2009
19. Girls 5/30/2009
20. I'M Being Controlled 5/21/2009
21. Dance To The Beat 5/30/2009
22. Courage 5/27/2009
Best Poem of Daniel Vango


The courage I need
I need the courage to control my instincts
The courage I need to face my fears
I need the courage to see the future
The courage I need to compare facts and opinion
I need the courage to think right
The courage I need to see if my friends trust me
I need the courage to ask questions
The courage I need to survive
I need the courage to convince myself to do something
I have to prepare myself for any thing that comes up!

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My Love One

Love could hurt you
my love one left me
my bad one took me

what can i do
what cant i do

My love one was bright like the moon
but my love went and it was like a doom

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