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1. Song: What Happened Obama? 10/23/2009
2. Song: Night And Day 12/18/2009
3. Lessons From A Dead World: 1. Obama's Legacy 1/6/2010
4. Song: Nowhere To Hide 1/29/2010
5. Even Nostalgia Ain't What It Used To Be! 2/3/2010
6. Violent Night (3) 2/6/2010
7. Song: Inside And Out 3/6/2010
8. Song: The Sleeper 3/7/2010
9. Song: When I Saw The River Rise 1/19/2011
10. Song: What Love Has Done To Me 4/1/2011
11. Song: Life, Love, And Other Lies 4/2/2011
12. Song: The Shop Of Fools 4/9/2011
13. Song: The New Fascist State 6/1/2011
14. Song: The Great Recession Blues 7/22/2011
15. Song: Vertigo 8/10/2011
16. My Wild Cavalier 10/14/2011
17. The Ballad Of Miss Bea Haven 10/24/2011
18. Song: Big Lies 10/25/2011
19. Elouise And Abelard 11/8/2011
20. Song: The Rum Boys 11/19/2011
21. Song: Miss Bea Haven And The Knight 11/26/2011
22. Song: From The Denizens Of London 11/26/2011
23. Song: Good Old Doctor Dodson 11/27/2011
24. Song: Go! Go! Socceroos! 4/11/2012
25. The Ballad Of Andrew A Coward 4/19/2012
26. Song: The Chain-Reaction 5/27/2012
27. Song: Slow Motion 3/6/2013
28. The Keep 3/25/2013
29. Song: Tell That To Goliath! 4/5/2013
30. Song: Channeling Joe (Smith) Or The New Messiah 4/29/2013
31. Song: Take Off Your Hat! 5/10/2013
32. Too Big To Fail? 6/4/2013
33. The Future Remembered 7/17/2013
34. Man Of Bronze 8/29/2013
35. Song: Miss Anne Thrope And Her Mission 10/22/2013
36. The Ballad Of Shylock (Part One) 10/22/2013
37. Song: The Professor's Lament 10/22/2013
38. Song: The Promise Of Arthur ('Arfur') 10/22/2013
39. Song: The Sydney Argus Ace Reporter 11/7/2013
40. The Ballad Of Miss Ogden-Nest 11/7/2013
Best Poem of Dave SmithWhite

Black Holes

Was it another universe?
So many years ago.
My life with you was interspersed,
By affairs you did not know.
I kept my guilty secrets,
Pressed to a heaving chest;
But now that I have been found out,
The truth must be confessed!

Was it another lifetime;
On a set built yesterday?
You wrote it out in pantomime,
A role I could not play.
Was it the season of bad dreams,
Acted out in floods of rage?
When treason was a national theme,
And blood would stain the page.

Was it a nerveless universe,
Uncurved by mystery?
When ...

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The Ballad Of Mr Sloth

He goes a little crazy in the morning.
He goes a little odd by crack of dawn.
A restless spirit, waking up and yawning,
With a body-clock protesting, gaunt and worn.

'My brain's a twee bit softer before breakfast.
My mind's a little addled and confused.
And then I read the bloggers, and the papers,
And all the swill that passes for the news.

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