David Burton Richardson

Rookie (13 January 1961)

David Burton Richardson Poems

1. The Long Dark Sleep 6/25/2013
2. The Evening Sun 7/22/2013
3. The Long, Long Night 1/1/2014
4. Death Has No Master 5/12/2013
5. The Valley 5/24/2013
6. In Darkest Dreams 6/16/2013
7. A Sunny Day In Amroth 6/16/2013
8. A Life In A Room 6/25/2013
9. The Ballad Of Cowboy Bob 7/13/2013
10. The Well 6/16/2013
11. Evergreen 6/7/2013
12. Black Is The Colour 5/18/2013
13. Woeful Whispers 5/15/2013
14. Black Preseli 6/6/2013
15. The Grey Veil 6/7/2013
16. Autumn Crown 6/7/2013
17. Time Is Fast 5/18/2013
18. Wanted Words 5/23/2013
19. The Merry Go Round 5/23/2013
20. Nine Months 3/13/2014
21. My Friend John 4/24/2013
Best Poem of David Burton Richardson

The Long Dark Sleep

Deep down in Deaths dark depths of sodden soil
Of Bodies decay that speak no more
Words that talk upon the Stone
And echo loud upon the Wall
Dark deep depths of silence Black
And dank dark memory of Ashen case
And silence Black so deathly Black
And Soot like Soil that clings like Plague
And within the Earth our Souls must whisper
Of long past voice and bitter haste
And we must go to that sleep so pure
That long dark sleep of Blackest slumber
And time will end and we must go
And Nature takes a final bow
That lurid Green of sickly glow
Then loving ...

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The Merry Go Round

The Black bosom Blue thrusts the Sky like rampant Jets
And tries to reach that outer bound
Yet it stops far short and cannot accept
The deathly Black, that Black Death sound
And stretching time and upward bound
And life is just a Merry Go Round
Round and round and upward dither
The Air is cold but does not shiver
And who but cares or flow like River?

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