David McLansky

Veteran Poet - 1,562 Points [David McLansky] (5/24/1944 / New York City)

David McLansky Poems

361. Oh Lay Me Down 6/15/2014
362. Oh Listless Maiden In My Garden 11/17/2013
363. Oh Stupid Boy 5/26/2013
364. Oh Valerie, You Keep Me Waiting 8/19/2013
365. Oh Where Is My Love 8/19/2013
366. Old Adam In His Eden 9/25/2013
367. Old Adam In His Garden 6/8/2014
368. Old Age 3/28/2015
369. Old Age And Youth (A Riff) 12/6/2012
370. Old Age Has Its Own Alarm Clock 7/3/2013
371. Old Age Is Not For Weaklings 2/14/2014
372. Old Black Man 3/7/2014
373. Old Einstein's Dilemma 4/7/2014
374. Old Gnarled Tree 1/25/2013
375. Old Man In Grozny 2/19/2013
376. Old Rusted Truck 10/31/2013
377. Old Theme 9/6/2013
378. On A Fellow Poet's Defense Of A Friend Hitting Her Over The Head With A Bat. 6/6/2014
379. On A Woman's Defense Of Her Boyfriend Hitting Her Over The Head With A Bat. 4/1/2014
380. On Going To Sleep 7/11/2013
381. On Hospital Life 2/13/2014
382. On John Knowles A Separate Peace 12/21/2013
383. On Owain Glyn's Temperance Club 1/17/2013
384. On Reading My Poetry Book To My True Love 10/13/2013
385. On The Bench 4/12/2013
386. On The Death Of A Great Comedian 8/13/2014
387. On The Pilgrim Road With Elaine 12/14/2013
388. On Viewing A Friends Lingering Death 8/22/2013
389. On Writing Hamlet 9/24/2014
390. Only Marry A Woman It Would Be A Pleasure To Divorce 6/12/2013
391. Ophelia 3/12/2014
392. Ophelia To Hamlet 9/21/2014
393. Other Side Of A Reflection 3/29/2014
394. Over The Hills And Far Away 2/22/2014
395. Oyster Stew 1/15/2013
396. Paen To The Three Wyrd Sisters 7/5/2014
397. Papa's Eyes 2/25/2014
398. Paris Cafe: For Lillian 1/23/2013
399. Paris Hilton On Justice 4/16/2014
400. Paris,1896 6/12/2013
Best Poem of David McLansky

in Praise Of Older Women

Give me not
Your nubile girls
Experts on the course of life,
Whose baby cheeks
Unshadowed eyes
Bespeak the fact
They've never cried.

Give to me
A love of sorrow
Whose flesh has known
Fear of tomorrow;
Whose hands have shaken
With life's knowledge
Never gained
By years of college.

Give to me
A love whose sated
Scores of lovers
Proved ill-fated,
Grateful for the touch
That brings
The revival of
Youth's fateful Spring.

Give me not
Your heart unbroken,
The n'er betrayed
By words unspoken,
Who never ...

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Bangladesh (A Riff)

Everywhere I stand, I stand in water
It's wide expanse defines the border;
My country sinking into the sea,
The waters lapping at my knee;
My country now a muddy brown
The roofs submerged below their crown
The water lapping at the poles,
The tidal waves toss wooden bowls.
This was once an idyllic spot,

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