David McLansky

Veteran Poet - 1,564 Points [David McLansky] (5/24/1944 / New York City)

David McLansky Poems

361. Oh Lay Me Down 6/15/2014
362. Oh Listless Maiden In My Garden 11/17/2013
363. Oh Stupid Boy 5/26/2013
364. Oh Valerie, You Keep Me Waiting 8/19/2013
365. Oh Where Is My Love 8/19/2013
366. Old Adam In His Eden 9/25/2013
367. Old Adam In His Garden 6/8/2014
368. Old Age 3/28/2015
369. Old Age And Youth (A Riff) 12/6/2012
370. Old Age Has Its Own Alarm Clock 7/3/2013
371. Old Age Is Not For Weaklings 2/14/2014
372. Old Black Man 3/7/2014
373. Old Einstein's Dilemma 4/7/2014
374. Old Gnarled Tree 1/25/2013
375. Old Man In Grozny 2/19/2013
376. Old Rusted Truck 10/31/2013
377. Old Theme 9/6/2013
378. On A Fellow Poet's Defense Of A Friend Hitting Her Over The Head With A Bat. 6/6/2014
379. On A Woman's Defense Of Her Boyfriend Hitting Her Over The Head With A Bat. 4/1/2014
380. On Going To Sleep 7/11/2013
381. On Hospital Life 2/13/2014
382. On John Knowles A Separate Peace 12/21/2013
383. On Owain Glyn's Temperance Club 1/17/2013
384. On Reading My Poetry Book To My True Love 10/13/2013
385. On The Bench 4/12/2013
386. On The Death Of A Great Comedian 8/13/2014
387. On The Pilgrim Road With Elaine 12/14/2013
388. On Viewing A Friends Lingering Death 8/22/2013
389. On Writing Hamlet 9/24/2014
390. Only Marry A Woman It Would Be A Pleasure To Divorce 6/12/2013
391. Ophelia 3/12/2014
392. Ophelia To Hamlet 9/21/2014
393. Other Side Of A Reflection 3/29/2014
394. Over The Hills And Far Away 2/22/2014
395. Oyster Stew 1/15/2013
396. Paen To The Three Wyrd Sisters 7/5/2014
397. Papa's Eyes 2/25/2014
398. Paris Cafe: For Lillian 1/23/2013
399. Paris Hilton On Justice 4/16/2014
400. Paris,1896 6/12/2013
Best Poem of David McLansky


They told us all 'to just stay put, '
Breathing ashes and blackened soot,
'Put a towel against the door, '
'Wet it first, put it on the floor; '
'The Firemen were on the way, '
That's what 911 said that day;
But I've always had an ornery streak,
When told to obey and to be meek,
We were told to wait in that fiery din;
'Be patient, the firemen were coming in; '
But I rebelled; I could not sit still,
I would not cling to the windowsill,
I was tired of always following orders,
I had to think of my two daughters;
So for once I dared to rebel

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Pere & Fils

When I see reflected
In my son's eyes
My own soul's wit and mocking irony;
When with a secret glance
I recognize
The shared rejoicing
Of two souls that harmonize;
It takes my breath away
To be so understood;
Loving him all the more
For doubling good

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