Treasure Island

David McLansky

[David McLansky] (5/24/1944 / New York City)

Poems of David McLansky

221. If God Does Not Exist (A Riff) 11/23/2012
222. If I was French 6/25/2013
223. If Only Poems Paid the Rent 1/21/2013
224. Il Faut Oublier 4/28/2014
225. In Barron's Bookstore, A Riff on Iris Blue's English Sonnet 8/20/2013
226. In Defense 1/10/2013
227. In Memory Of Lainey's Dog 2/19/2014
228. In Memory Of A Friend On The Internet 2/8/2014
229. In Memory of Frances Weston -new- 9/10/2014
230. In Memory of Kay Borth 8/27/2013
231. In Memory of Pete Seeger 1/28/2014
232. In Praise of MySpace 9/4/2013
233. In the Beginning 11/15/2013
234. Ingratitude 2/5/2014
235. Inspector Clouseau 1/13/2013
236. Irish Protest 3/19/2013
237. Ironic Nights 5/1/2014
238. I've Had Enough of Death 4/23/2013
239. Jemina on Her Honeymoon Cruise 3/30/2014
240. Jesus in the Dungeon 3/24/2014

Shakespeare in Love

To me my beauty you never shall be old,
Though Time shall scourge your fragile shield of flesh;
I balm those wounds as Time's cruel lash does scold,
And heal his welts, your loveliness refreshed;
For in my love are herbs of powers rare
Restoring as harsh Time does take away,
My eyes, your mirror, chastening your despair,
Reflecting forth you've aged not yet a day;
Take comfort then within this frame of youth:

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