David McLansky

Veteran Poet - 1,564 Points [David McLansky] (5/24/1944 / New York City)

David McLansky Poems

681. The White Ship (6) 3/6/2013
682. The White Ship (8) 3/8/2013
683. The White Ship (9) 3/9/2013
684. The White Ship.(24) ....... 1/26/2013
685. The Wife's Reply 5/26/2013
686. The Wild Boy 5/4/2014
687. The Wild Sucker Tree 4/7/2014
688. They Transferred Her Home To Die 7/25/2013
689. Thinking Backwards 6/18/2013
690. This Coming Day 7/17/2014
691. This Mortal Life 10/28/2013
692. Thoreau's Wife 1/23/2013
693. Thoughts Of An Irish Slave In Scotland 924 A.D. 1/10/2013
694. Thyrsis 12/24/2013
695. Time Was 3/29/2014
696. Time Won’t Stand Still 6/23/2013
697. Timeless Love 3/21/2014
698. To A Night Dove 4/27/2014
699. To A Persian Poet 6/8/2014
700. To A Poetess I Loved Before 9/15/2013
701. To A Poetess Who Wants To Infect Her Reluctant Lover With A Love Virus 3/23/2014
702. To An American Lady In Ireland 1/20/2013
703. To An Internet Poetess 9/14/2013
704. To An Offer Of Young Love Across The Internet 5/3/2014
705. To Elaine 7/10/2013
706. To Elaine Who Has The Sniffles 12/11/2013
707. To Jim Hiner: A Recommendation 10/27/2013
708. To Julia 1/29/2013
709. To Lainey On The Cam 6/19/2013
710. To My Bronwen 6/1/2013
711. To My Competitor 6/7/2014
712. To My Ever Faithful Elaine 8/31/2014
713. To My Ex-Wife 7/26/2013
714. To My Mountan Laurel 10/4/2014
715. To My Roselyn On My 68th Birthday 1/25/2013
716. To See This Giant 9/22/2014
717. To Sweet Valerie 8/18/2013
718. To The Poet Dave Wood 5/3/2013
719. To The Poet Blackbird 6/12/2013
720. To The Poetess Who Keeps Cutting Herself 2/13/2014
Best Poem of David McLansky

in Praise Of Older Women

Give me not
Your nubile girls
Experts on the course of life,
Whose baby cheeks
Unshadowed eyes
Bespeak the fact
They've never cried.

Give to me
A love of sorrow
Whose flesh has known
Fear of tomorrow;
Whose hands have shaken
With life's knowledge
Never gained
By years of college.

Give to me
A love whose sated
Scores of lovers
Proved ill-fated,
Grateful for the touch
That brings
The revival of
Youth's fateful Spring.

Give me not
Your heart unbroken,
The n'er betrayed
By words unspoken,
Who never ...

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Shakespeare In Love

To me my beauty you never shall be old,
Though Time shall scourge your fragile shield of flesh;
I balm those wounds as Time's cruel lash does scold,
And heal his welts, your loveliness refreshed;
For in my love are herbs of powers rare
Restoring as harsh Time does take away,
My eyes, your mirror, chastening your despair,
Reflecting forth you've aged not yet a day;
Take comfort then within this frame of youth:

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