1. Power 7/5/2007
2. The best thing in life is life itself 7/5/2007
3. Battle Cry! 7/10/2007
4. A Soldiers Story 7/9/2007
5. Conditions of Life 8/12/2007
6. A Few Words of Wisdom 7/13/2007
7. NO? 7/25/2007
8. It's Time 7/5/2007
9. My Prayer 7/14/2007
10. What is Love? 8/15/2007

Conditions of Life

You’ve got to laugh to keep from crying
Live to keep from dying
Walk to keep from crawling
Stand to keep from falling

You’ve got to be strong to keep from swaying
Leave to keep from staying
You need to watch to change direction
and strive to reach perfection

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