Derek. A. Sim

(North East England.)

Poems of Derek. A. Sim

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2. Has Anyone Got The Time 6/7/2012
3. Linda Chose Me 8/26/2013
4. My Tynedale. 10/10/2009
5. The Heat Of The Battle 6/7/2012
6. The Place I Love! 10/10/2009
7. Trbal Entrenchment 10/10/2009
8. Usain Bolt 8/26/2013

My Tynedale.

My Tynedale. (Summer)

Hedgerows green, wood pigeons preen,
Quiet valleys seldom seen,
Winding lanes for country miles,
Run down farmhouses with missing tiles,
Field after field of ripened corn,
This is my Tynedale, the place I was born.

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