Dilantha Gunawardana

Dilantha Gunawardana Poems

1. 10.35 Am On A Station Platform In Wyoming 4/17/2014
2. 12 Haiku Poems In Botany 7/31/2015
3. 16 Haiku Poems On Medicine 7/31/2015
4. 18 Haiku Poems On Zoology 7/31/2015
5. A Baby 9/21/2015
6. A Baby And A Butterfly 4/15/2014
7. A Bag 10/16/2015
8. A Banker Of Romance 3/29/2013
9. A Belly Dancer 5/22/2013
10. A Bitter Man's Heaven 3/23/2014
11. A Blind Man's Kiss 5/24/2014
12. A Blind Woman's One Night Stand 6/5/2014
13. A Bohemian's Home 7/3/2013
14. A Bottle Of Wine 7/6/2013
15. A Bottle's Emancipation 3/21/2013
16. A Bridge Of Love 3/30/2013
17. A Buttterfly Kiss 7/4/2013
18. A Candid Portrait Of War 7/26/2014
19. A Candle In Mannar Island 9/1/2015
20. A Candle's Vocation 3/6/2013
21. A Caramel Miracle 10/22/2012
22. A Carnivore Kiss 4/1/2014
23. A Child Gazing At Lightning 6/5/2014
24. A Child In Time 4/10/2014
25. A Chilled Coca Cola 3/15/2014
26. A Chocolate Kiss 3/17/2013
27. A Clay Lamp 4/5/2013
28. A Cocktail 3/30/2013
29. A Coconut Plucker In Sri Lanka 8/12/2014
30. A Compass Of Lust 4/9/2013
31. A Condom (Haiku) 3/30/2013
32. A Cosmic Kiss 6/18/2013
33. A Cup Of Tea 1/20/2014
34. A Decorated Palm 4/15/2014
35. A Diamond Called Madiba 12/11/2013
36. A Dilemma Of Color 4/12/2014
37. A Dog's Thought 8/9/2015
38. A Door 4/11/2014
39. A Drop Of Rain 10/27/2012
40. A Fat's Man's Song 10/12/2015
Best Poem of Dilantha Gunawardana

Woman 3

Show me a woman
That can turn a man with her hips
In the artistry of burlesque and belly
Show me a woman
That can be filled with pancakes
And fill a size 16 dress
Show me a woman
Who can kiss you like spring
And color you like autumn
Show me a woman
That can hold you like a harbor
And scaffold your spirits with her hold
Show me a woman
That can collapse your knees
Even in the absence of a ring
Show me a woman
Who can wrench real tears
And soak a cotton handkerchief
Show me a woman
That can fill you and empty you
Like water to finite...

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Poppy's Hold

The suns raps like burning lava on the skin
As the peau embraces life in its scorching thin
Where the bactrian camels roam in absolute glee
Where fields of poppy smile in their domes of free

Not a mercenary but a proud soldier within
As the terrain desecrates the life from within
As a bomb explodes taking away the carrier's life
Hoards of innocence at mercy in the unfolding strife

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