Djean Whitney

Rookie (January 8,1989)

Djean Whitney Poems

1. Friendship Is and Can Be 4/1/2009
2. A Grandmother 4/6/2009
3. A Friend Of A Friend 4/27/2009
4. A Lovely Season 5/18/2009
5. Deep in my soul 2/3/2009
6. Dont You Love Me? 3/24/2009
7. I'll wait for ever 4/25/2009
8. For Jesus Is The Light. 4/8/2009
9. Every Day Is A Now Life To Live. 4/10/2009
10. Spring 4/16/2009
11. Shine Your Light 4/25/2009
12. Don't Stop Praying God Can Make It Right. 4/7/2009
13. All I Know Is I Love You 4/3/2009
14. What I see in the mirror 4/1/2009
15. I'm Ready To Fight 4/3/2009
16. Thers always time for poems. 3/23/2009
17. When I'm Alone 4/1/2009
18. Just Let Jesus Come In To Your Hart. 4/8/2009
19. Till Jesus Came To Me. 4/9/2009
20. Things will Changing 4/9/2009

With in all

You never give up you've always stayed strong, we will never give in.
Hes always there and we will always care.
We believe in him and we believe in you.
His faith stays strong and his will to live never leaves his thoughts.
His love causes you to believe in all and with his love it brings faith.
The faith brings strength just as mach as will.
The love from all causes you to hold on a little longer.
He loves all and we love you.

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