Treasure Island

Donald Duty 2nd


Poems of Donald Duty 2nd

1. A Car Isn’t Just A Car 10/23/2011
2. Dark 10/30/2011
3. Drag Race 10/23/2011
4. Last Days Of Highschool 10/23/2011
5. National Cup 10/27/2011


</>Sitting here n the cold dark room, a room darker than king tuts tumb.
Hopening theres nothing to fear, the thought almost causes a shed of tear.
With a fitting of emotional disturbance, an emotion that feels as if it will only come once.
As we start ropeing together, time dosent seem to go on forever.
But as time goes on it soon gets late while night comes to its wiery fate, While morning comes to a light we look outside to see the hoorrigic sight, a sight where theres no dry place

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