Donna Nimmo

Donna Nimmo Poems

1. Does It Matter 12/4/2005
2. Finding Work 12/8/2005
3. Groceries 12/12/2005
4. Mr. Right 12/1/2005
5. Weather Phobia 12/16/2005
6. She Wonders 1/14/2006
7. Tequila 1/14/2006
8. Fish Dinner 1/16/2006
9. Maid 1/17/2006
10. Emptiness 1/27/2006
11. The Chicken 1/29/2006
12. Live In The Jungle 1/16/2006
13. Embrace My Love 2/27/2006
14. She Loves Alone 5/20/2006
15. Face Of Happiness 6/26/2006
16. Internet Love 6/26/2006
17. Tiny Hiney 11/17/2006
18. The Road Of Life 11/25/2006
19. Merry Christmas 2006 12/8/2006
20. Thumper 9/13/2006
21. Making The Best Of Life 10/31/2006
22. The Soldiers Family 3/8/2007
23. The Price Of Freedom 3/9/2007
24. Daddy Of A Soldier 3/10/2007
25. I'Ll Cry Silent Tears 6/25/2007
26. Turn Up The Music 7/15/2007
27. Let Me Be The Tin Man 8/30/2007
28. Could You Hold Me 3/2/2008
29. In A Perfect World 2/8/2009
30. An Abused Child 2/11/2009
31. Writing A Prisoner 2/23/2009
32. The Book Hides A Mask 6/2/2009
33. Chaplain Readsto The Soldiers Before They Go Out To Combat 10/11/2009
34. Peace And Love 1/6/2007
35. Anna Nicole 2/9/2007
36. Horrifying Panic Attacks 5/11/2007
37. What If 5/13/2007
38. Lost Love 9/3/2011
39. Your Prisoner For Life 9/3/2011
40. Broken 10/29/2011
Best Poem of Donna Nimmo

The Abused Wife

She drive's into her neighborhood
Her heart starts racing
She knows he's been pacing
She can't explain what took so long
She knows she won't be understood
He won't listen to what she has to say
He will be so angry that she didn't stay
She only went to the corner store
He will blame her for so much more
He will accuse her of meeting a man
She hurried so fast, she almost ran
He will scream and slap her across the room
Break things, even beat her with a broom
If she's lucky only bruises this time
Or sent to the hospital because of this slime
He will ...

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Bad Memories

Why do i have to live in pain from years ago and recent
I try to shut out all the pain and to you be so decent
I bury it all and shut it out and it always will erupt
Trying to be always loving and forget so I won't be abrupt
I'm held captive in my mind, the pictures dance in my head
I can't forget the past, my mind busy when I go to bed
My emotions take me where I don't want to be any more
I'm a prisoner to bad memories, where I can't even the score
I start to sink into a deep black hol

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