Treasure Island


[ENGLISH] (lagos nigeria)


1. A cream pie 6/22/2013
2. a journey of a tasteless love 11/23/2013
3. A little girl love song 11/23/2013
4. a poisinous attack 11/23/2013
5. Ancient love come back to us 11/29/2013
6. Bloke and Anabiic 11/23/2013
7. human heart 11/23/2013
8. memo of a friend 11/23/2013
9. people of the sun 11/23/2013
10. poor me 11/23/2013
11. the call 11/23/2013
12. The divine God of nature part 1 (introduction) 11/15/2013
13. The Divine God Of Nature Part 2 (Introdcution) 11/15/2013
14. the evil me 11/23/2013

Bloke and Anabiic

Once upon a time
Though it wasn’t your time
In the period of myth and mysteries
In a garden called Eden
Surrounds by four rivers
Where all is given
Except for the mysteries of the tree
That brought forth the knowledge of good and evil
Lived a mighty bloke and is subject anatomic

[Hata Bildir]