Esther Obeng

Esther Obeng Poems

1. Life 11/29/2011
2. Wake Up Sleepers 12/19/2011
3. Loneliness 12/19/2011
4. Wow What A Friend I Have Found 12/19/2011
5. Dreams Come True 12/21/2011
6. Unforgettable Heros 12/20/2011
7. A Saviour Is Born 12/24/2011
8. Kissed My Pain 12/27/2011
9. Money Is A Devil 12/27/2011
10. Heart Breaker 12/27/2011
11. Frozen Emotions 12/22/2011
12. Can'T Live Without You 12/21/2011
13. Nature 12/28/2011
14. Sorry 12/24/2011
15. Death Is Wicked 12/27/2011
16. Inseparable Love 12/22/2011
17. Christmas Comes And Goes 12/21/2011
18. Leave Me Alone! 12/24/2011
19. Sleepless Night 12/27/2011
20. It Was All A Dream 12/28/2011
Best Poem of Esther Obeng

It Was All A Dream

it was all a dream,
you opened your arms so wide,
to let me in
i could see your angelic eyes,
shining with happiness
your nose almost touching mine
your hands on my wrist
i could hear your heart beat
i could smell your fresh breath
my lips was almost touching
but then,
i waked up that moment,
and realise
it was all a dream

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Wake Up Sleepers

we sleep without waking up
we sit without standing up again
we pull without pushing again
we dream without making
our dreams come true
sleepers please wake up!
because the world is shifting
if we dont wake up
we would be too late!

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