Esther Obeng

Esther Obeng Poems

1. Life 11/29/2011
2. Wake Up Sleepers 12/19/2011
3. Loneliness 12/19/2011
4. Wow What A Friend I Have Found 12/19/2011
5. Dreams Come True 12/21/2011
6. Unforgettable Heros 12/20/2011
7. A Saviour Is Born 12/24/2011
8. Kissed My Pain 12/27/2011
9. Money Is A Devil 12/27/2011
10. Heart Breaker 12/27/2011
11. Frozen Emotions 12/22/2011
12. Can'T Live Without You 12/21/2011
13. Nature 12/28/2011
14. Sorry 12/24/2011
15. Death Is Wicked 12/27/2011
16. Inseparable Love 12/22/2011
17. Christmas Comes And Goes 12/21/2011
18. Leave Me Alone! 12/24/2011
19. Sleepless Night 12/27/2011
20. It Was All A Dream 12/28/2011
Best Poem of Esther Obeng

It Was All A Dream

it was all a dream,
you opened your arms so wide,
to let me in
i could see your angelic eyes,
shining with happiness
your nose almost touching mine
your hands on my wrist
i could hear your heart beat
i could smell your fresh breath
my lips was almost touching
but then,
i waked up that moment,
and realise
it was all a dream

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Can'T Live Without You

I sit here all by myself
my eyes full of tears
my heart full of sorrows
my broken body uncontrolable

i try my best to cheer up
but without you nothing can cheer me up
i tried my best to pull my self together but couldn't
i tried to wipe the tears but it wouldn't stop flowing

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