Treasure Island

Evan MacColl

[the Gaelic Bard of Canada] (21 September 1808 - 24 July 1898 / Kenmore / Scotland)

Poems of Evan MacColl

1. A Lover's Lament 5/4/2012
2. Loch-Duich 5/4/2012
3. Mairi Laghach 5/4/2012
4. The Child of Promise 5/4/2012
5. The Lake of the Thousand Isles 1/1/2004

A Lover's Lament

In vain do springtime's many charms essay
To chase the gloom in Aray's glen to-day ;
The strains that there once charmed my listening ear
Can ne'er again avail my heart to cheer.
When that fair star, so late my soul's delight,
Hath vanished, never more to cheer my sight,

'When my fond heart, sad-missing joy so brief,
Lies in the dust, enamoured of its grief,

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