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Evey Vendetta Poems

1. My One And Only 1/31/2013
2. Lostdeadsoul 1/31/2013
3. Loves Hell 1/31/2013
4. Life & Love 1/31/2013
5. Mr. Mystery 1/31/2013
6. The Most Wonderfull Dream 1/31/2013
7. Housefire Panic Attacks 1/31/2013
8. A Winter Fire (Story) 1/31/2013
9. A Gothic Love 1/31/2013
10. Simply Me 1/31/2013
11. To My Deva 1/31/2013
12. Beautiful Flowers 1/31/2013
13. Panic & Fear 1/31/2013
14. Darkness In The Woods 1/31/2013
15. Misfits 1/31/2013
16. Sleepless Nights 1/31/2013
17. A Pain Filled Night 1/31/2013
18. Floating Away 1/31/2013
19. The Grim Reaper 1/31/2013
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He is a lost dead soul,
He is everything I want and more,
He is the twinkling stars I see at night,
The beautiful moon that lights up the night,
He is what makes the darkest room light,
He is what shows me the darkness is not a fright,
In the dark id take his hand,
Without a doubt walk through the land,
Fearlessly hand in hand,

Near or far nothing will keep us apart,
We will fight for this love that lives in both of our hearts,
His heart was dead it beat nevermore,
He said I made his dead heart beat once more,
He is ...

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Loves Hell

I say I love you,
You say sigh,
With that my love,
You leave me wondering, why? ,
This is what makes me want to cry,

I hold back the feeling and hide it away,
Because crying is a weakness as I heard someone say,
So for that matter I suck up the tears and go on with my day,

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