Fahim Sayed

Fahim Sayed Poems

1. Mr. Politician 7/22/2008
2. Clouds 4/22/2009
3. Looking at my reflection in mirror 6/17/2008
4. Race of life 5/6/2008
5. It shows, when in love. 8/16/2008
6. Mumbai 6/17/2009
7. Please listen 6/17/2008
8. It makes you laugh 5/6/2008
9. True lies 5/25/2008
10. Silent Friend 3/20/2009
11. Path 5/8/2008
12. The race of life 5/24/2008
13. I wish i had 6/20/2008

Race of life

Life is a race and everyday is a lap,
Trying hard, bur unable to fill that gap.
In need of a break, in need of a nap,
No answers to be found in books or maps.

You start it, when your born,
and it ends when your gone.
For some, little sprint and they are done,
Some are able to run a marathon.

[Hata Bildir]