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Fahim Sayed

Poems of Fahim Sayed

1. Clouds 4/22/2009
2. I wish i had 6/20/2008
3. It makes you laugh 5/6/2008
4. It shows, when in love. 8/16/2008
5. Looking at my reflection in mirror 6/17/2008
6. Mr. Politician 7/22/2008
7. Mumbai 6/17/2009
8. Path 5/8/2008
9. Please listen 6/17/2008
10. Race of life 5/6/2008
11. Silent Friend 3/20/2009
12. The race of life 5/24/2008
13. True lies 5/25/2008

The race of life

Life is a race and every day is a lap,
A days sprint, but unable to fill that gap.
In need of a break, in need of a nap,
But no answers to be found in books or map.

You start it, when you’re born,
And it ends when you are gone.
For some, a little sprint and they are done,
Some are able to run a marathon.

[Hata Bildir]