Gary Fellows

Rookie - 0 Points (1962 - / Salford)

Gary Fellows Poems

1. Infinity And Dust 11/4/2008
2. Desire 11/4/2008
3. Exit Music For A Biker 11/4/2008
4. Alone Again 11/4/2008
5. Mobile Mum 11/4/2008
6. Beauty 11/8/2008
7. Space 11/8/2008
8. The Real Definition Of Goodbye 11/8/2008
9. An Absent Hope 11/8/2008
10. Too Hot Two Legs 11/22/2008
11. Enduring Love 12/6/2008
12. Voices Of Reason 12/7/2008
13. Born Against It 12/7/2008
14. Sam Was A Miner 12/13/2008
15. The Snowman 12/13/2008
16. Ugly 12/13/2008
17. And You And I 12/19/2008
18. What Dark Matters 12/21/2008
19. Anthropomorphic Discursive Irony 1/20/2009
20. World At War 2/2/2009
21. Ready For Drowning? 12/7/2008
22. Tv Shows Tv Lows 12/13/2008
23. Switzerland One-Way 11/22/2008
24. Coughing 12/7/2008
25. A New Road 11/8/2008
26. A Musical Thought 11/8/2008
27. Boy Soldier 11/9/2008
28. The Father Who Lost His Son 12/7/2008
Best Poem of Gary Fellows

The Father Who Lost His Son

Did I take a wrong turn
Did I lose my way
Miss the things that matter
Did I fail you without my noticing
Not know what matters most
Or what is important in life
Did I lose you
In some crowded street
In a dense wood
In a sea of tranquillity
Fail to notice you missing
Or fail to seek you out

Did you get yourself lost
Not tell me where you were
Stay away too long
Did the time just pass you by
Fail to tell me how you were
Or forget until too late
Or was it something worse
Something too tragic to share
Some kind of illness
Was it ...

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Oh how I yearn to touch your skin
Blow off the dust of life’s precipitations
To feel the tones of your ringing bell
The bumps and ridges of you inner shell

Oh just to reach out and touch you
Go beyond the rules you so impose
And break out of those painful chains
That bind my hands, torments my brain

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