George Pope Morris

(1802-1864 / USA)

George Pope Morris Poems

1. A Hero Of The Revolution. 10/6/2010
2. A Leap For Life 10/6/2010
3. A Legend Of The Mohawk. 10/6/2010
4. A Parody. 10/6/2010
5. A Wall-Street Lyric. 10/6/2010
6. Address For The Benefit Of Henry Placide. 10/6/2010
7. Address For The Benefit Of James Sheridan Knowles. 10/6/2010
8. Address For The Benefit Of William Dunlap. 10/6/2010
9. Au Revoir. 10/6/2010
10. Bessy Bell. 10/6/2010
11. Boat-Song. 10/6/2010
12. Champions Of Liberty. 10/6/2010
13. Come To Me In Cherry-Time. 10/6/2010
14. Deliver Us From Evil. 10/6/2010
15. Epitaph. 10/6/2010
16. Fare The Well, Love. 10/6/2010
17. Fragment Of An Indian Poem. 10/6/2010
18. Funeral Hymn. 10/6/2010
19. Grounds For Divorce. 10/6/2010
20. I Love The Night. 10/6/2010
21. I Love Thee Still. 10/6/2010
22. I'M With You Once Again. 10/6/2010
23. In Memory Of Charles H. Sandford. 10/6/2010
24. In Memory Of John W. Francis, Jr. 10/6/2010
25. Janet Mcrea. 10/6/2010
26. Jeannie Marsh. 10/6/2010
27. King Cotton. 10/6/2010
28. Lady Of England. 10/6/2010
29. Land-Ho! 10/6/2010
30. Life In The West. 10/6/2010
31. Lines After The Manner Of The Olden Time. 10/6/2010
32. Lines On A Poet. 10/6/2010
33. Lines On The Burial Of Mrs. 10/6/2010
34. Lisette. 10/6/2010
35. Look From Thy Lattice, Love. 10/6/2010
36. Lord Of The Castle. 10/6/2010
37. Love In Exile. 10/6/2010
38. Love Thee, Dearest! 10/6/2010
39. Lucy. 10/6/2010
40. Margaretta. 10/6/2010
Best Poem of George Pope Morris

Washington's Monument.

A monument to Washington?
A tablet graven with his name?--
Green be the mound it stands upon,
And everlasting as his fame!

His glory fills the land--the plain,
The moor, the mountain, and the mart!
More firm than column, urn, or fane,
His monument--the human heart.

The Christian--patriot--hero--sage!
The chief from heaven in mercy sent;
His deeds are written on the age--
His country is his monument.

'The sword of Gideon and the Lord'
Was mighty in his mighty hand--
The God who guided he adored,
And with His blessing freed the ...

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A Legend Of The Mohawk.

In the days that are gone, by this sweet-flowing water,
Two lovers reclined in the shade of a tree;
She was the mountain-king's rosy-lipped daughter,
The brave warrior-chief of the valley was he.
Then all things around them, below and above,
Were basking as now in the sunshine of love--
In the days that are gone, by this sweet-flowing stream.

In the days that are gone, they were laid 'neath the willow,

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