George Pope Morris

(1802-1864 / USA)

George Pope Morris Poems

121. Twenty Years Ago 10/6/2010
122. Union. 10/6/2010
123. Unseal The City Fountains 10/6/2010
124. Up The Hudson. 10/6/2010
125. Venetian Serenade. 10/6/2010
126. Walter Gay. 10/6/2010
127. Washington's Monument. 10/6/2010
128. We Part For Ever 10/6/2010
129. We Were Boys Together. 10/6/2010
130. Wearies My Love? 10/6/2010
131. Welcome Home. 10/6/2010
132. Well-A-Day! 10/6/2010
133. Western Refrain 10/6/2010
134. What Can It Mean? 10/6/2010
135. When Other Friends. 10/6/2010
136. Where Hudson's Wave. 10/6/2010
137. Will Nobody Marry Me? 10/6/2010
138. Willie. 10/6/2010
139. Woman. 10/6/2010
140. Woodman, Spare That Tree! 10/6/2010
141. Words 10/6/2010
142. Years Ago. 10/6/2010
Best Poem of George Pope Morris

The Stag-Hunt.

The morning is breaking--
The stag is away!
The hounds and the hunters
The signal obey!
The horn bids the echoes
Awake as we go,
And nature is jocund
With hark!--tally-ho!
Hark away!

Hark forward!--Tantivy!--
The woodland resounds
With shouts of the sportsmen
To cheer on the hounds!
The horse and his rider,
The deer and his foe,
Dash by to the music
Of hark!--tally-ho!
(He's at bay!)

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A Legend Of The Mohawk.

In the days that are gone, by this sweet-flowing water,
Two lovers reclined in the shade of a tree;
She was the mountain-king's rosy-lipped daughter,
The brave warrior-chief of the valley was he.
Then all things around them, below and above,
Were basking as now in the sunshine of love--
In the days that are gone, by this sweet-flowing stream.

In the days that are gone, they were laid 'neath the willow,

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