George Sicillia

Rookie (1978-present / Ambon)

George Sicillia Poems

1. Easter 3/12/2008
2. Ash Wednesday 3/12/2008
3. Not A Fairy Angel, My Dear.. 3/14/2008
4. I'M On The Way When George Pass Away 3/18/2008
5. Open My Eyes O God 3/23/2008
6. Tired Blossom Lilies 3/24/2008
7. I Do Have Love 3/24/2008
8. If.. 3/24/2008
9. Song Of Silence (1) 3/24/2008
10. It's Alright (Heaven Aplaud) 3/26/2008
11. Nowhere But Indonesia 3/26/2008
12. You! 3/26/2008
13. Bakung Putih 3/17/2008
14. You Are My God! 8/28/2008
15. Sorry - Ode To Jotee 3/18/2008
16. Song Of Me 4/1/2008
17. Fainthearted 3/14/2008
18. Give Me A Heart To Stand Out In Faith 3/12/2008
19. 3rd Of September 9/3/2008
20. On Menteng Park 9/17/2008
21. My Broken Wing 3/14/2008
22. White Lilies 3/17/2008
23. About Him 4/9/2008
24. A Frozen Heart 4/13/2008
25. April Mop (Fool's April) 4/1/2008
26. With Love To My Kids 3/25/2008
27. Poverty 8/28/2008
Best Poem of George Sicillia


When we talk each other
As a subject and object
Not as a brother and sister
That is poverty

When there's an empty space between us
Could only be stepped in
by your permit and requirements
That is poverty

When there's a ToR you decided on man
By annoying the value of him
And fact that we are all equal
That is poverty

And the poverty is
My plea to God
in times you put me on debat
and neglect my wounded heart


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My Broken Wing

I dunno what brought us together

I dunno what brought us apart

But I'm grateful to know you

Even now i'm flying with my broken wing.

Still be the one i used to know

dont worry you never hurt me

look at me, i'm alright

i still can fly with my broken wing.


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