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1. Education 11/23/2013
2. The Needy 11/23/2013
3. My Life 11/23/2013
4. I Got Your Blood 11/23/2013
5. Teachings Of Sadness 11/23/2013
6. On The Mission 11/23/2013
7. Be Yourself 11/23/2013
8. A Doctor's Dilemma 11/23/2013
9. Impossible? 11/23/2013
10. Freedom In Jesus 11/23/2013
11. My War Experience 11/28/2013
12. My Nation's Economy 12/1/2013
13. Leaking Blessings 12/1/2013
14. Jesus Saw Me As I Am 12/1/2013
15. Have Mercy On Me Son Of David 12/1/2013
16. Twelve 12/1/2013
17. Hearts Join To Praise The Lord 12/1/2013
18. I Need Your Presence 12/1/2013
19. To Live Everyday 12/1/2013
20. When Jesus Becomes My King 12/1/2013
21. Jesus Made Me See It 11/23/2013
22. Saved By Love 12/9/2013
23. Father Of Nature 12/12/2013
24. Let Your Eagle Fly 12/18/2013
25. The Bad Results 12/28/2013
26. From Herd To Sheep 1/1/2014
27. Brain Washed? 1/1/2014
28. Little Jesus 1/25/2014
29. Waiting At Thy Throne 1/25/2014
30. Praises To The Most High God 1/25/2014
31. On The Case Of An Unfaithful Steward 1/25/2014
32. Time Of Salvation 1/25/2014
33. Called To Serve 1/25/2014
34. I Know Of One 9/28/2014
35. Call Me By My Name 9/29/2014
36. Man Of The Home, Leave 9/29/2014
37. The Voice Of Health 10/7/2014
38. Walk With Me (For Children) 10/10/2014
39. Joyless Enjoyment 5/11/2015
40. Horror On Earth 5/12/2015
Best Poem of Gideon Arthur

We Welcome Thy Sabbath Holy

With joy we welcome thy Sabbath Holy
We're favoured to enter thy holy rest
Before you the sweats of six days journey
Come issue thy blessings O God that blest

We've come with impure heart and dark history
The toil of the days has our neck burdened
Also wearied mind and sickened body
On thy Holy day, to heal us descend.

For thy creation we praise and 'dore your name
The soaring air and the big roaring sea
Living things, mountains like dancing flame
Together with us join to praise thee

From Friday eve to Saturday sunset
With exceeding joy we'll...

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The Needy

The needy are fed by impulse
The givers give by will
Not because of pity but other purpose
That they have gained above their will
Whether they worked on the bridge or the corn mill

The takers accept with cheer
The givers they see as dear
When they receive they see no one so near

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