Greg Dills

Rookie (WurtzBurg, Germany)

Greg Dills Poems

1. sympathy 4/29/2008
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10. Feeling's for you... Pt.1 5/27/2008
11. Feeling's for you...Pt.2 5/27/2008
12. Feeling's for you...Pt.3 5/27/2008
13. How many times 6/8/2008
14. Haunted 1/31/2010
15. Final Heartbeat 1/31/2010
16. fear 4/29/2008
17. Too Late 4/23/2008
18. All that remains 4/23/2008
19. too love 4/29/2008


Fear sometimes takes over,
Fear is sometimes wonderfull
but this is the thing everyone has had fear once in there life
it might be small or it might be huge
fear is what brought people together in the thick of things we cant ever suspect when fear is going to hit us
in the end fear just manages to leave and my only fear is dying alone
my mom hasnt always been there for me but she tryed her best as long as i made her proud her fear was losing what was dear to her

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