Greg Dills

Rookie (WurtzBurg, Germany)

Greg Dills Poems

1. Mystification 5/1/2008
2. Necropolis 5/1/2008
3. Violence 5/6/2008
4. Faces Of Love 5/6/2008
5. Love You 5/6/2008
6. This Is For The Ladies And Men 5/7/2008
7. Feeling's For You... Pt.1 5/27/2008
8. Feeling's For You...Pt.2 5/27/2008
9. Feeling's For You...Pt.3 5/27/2008
10. How Many Times 6/8/2008
11. Haunted 1/31/2010
12. Too Late 4/23/2008
13. All That Remains 4/23/2008
14. Too Love 4/29/2008
15. Bottom Of My Life 4/30/2008
16. Final Heartbeat 1/31/2010
17. Fear 4/29/2008
18. Take Me Away From Here 4/30/2008
19. Sympathy 4/29/2008
Best Poem of Greg Dills


In all sincerity
It is a pathetic pity
I merely offer sympathy
With such velocity
This sadness born out of the blue
That decides to levy itself on you

In your fixed stillness
I sense your illness
Accept my sympathy

You lost a pet
Somebody made you upset
Accept my sympathy

You lost a friend
Your broken heart is yet to mend
Accept my sympathy

You were once abused
Possibly at times wrongly accused
Accept my sympathy

You marriage is on the rocks
You got divorced, left without a buck
Accept my sympathy

You ...

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Too Late

I'f I could separate me from myself, I'd stay away from me,
If you decide I'm wrong, and you can wait that long,
maybe it's not too late.
i will not lose you to the melting sky or to the mad parade to the bloody jaws or the fire fall. dont be afraid.
You need never know, a cold heart, heart of stone or lonely memory, you will never be alone.
I will not lose you to a world that doesn't care, to the monster's that would have you.never surrender you,
I will be there to wrap myself around y

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