Greg Dills

Rookie (WurtzBurg, Germany)

Poems of Greg Dills

1. All that remains 4/23/2008
2. bottom of my life 4/30/2008
3. faces of love 5/6/2008
4. fear 4/29/2008
5. Feeling's for you... Pt.1 5/27/2008
6. Feeling's for you...Pt.2 5/27/2008
7. Feeling's for you...Pt.3 5/27/2008
8. Final Heartbeat 1/31/2010
9. Haunted 1/31/2010
10. How many times 6/8/2008
11. love you 5/6/2008
12. Mystification 5/1/2008
13. Necropolis 5/1/2008
14. sympathy 4/29/2008
15. take me away from here 4/30/2008
16. this is for the ladies and men 5/7/2008
17. Too Late 4/23/2008
18. too love 4/29/2008
19. violence 5/6/2008

Too Late

I'f I could separate me from myself, I'd stay away from me,
If you decide I'm wrong, and you can wait that long,
maybe it's not too late.
i will not lose you to the melting sky or to the mad parade to the bloody jaws or the fire fall. dont be afraid.
You need never know, a cold heart, heart of stone or lonely memory, you will never be alone.
I will not lose you to a world that doesn't care, to the monster's that would have you.never surrender you,
I will be there to wrap myself around y

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