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Guadalupe Cruz

Poems of Guadalupe Cruz

1. All I wish my birthday 12/24/2012
2. Both Walking The Some Road 12/28/2012
3. Dream Boy 1/14/2013
4. forgive me 1/16/2013
5. God Open Door 9/16/2012
6. Here come good bye 10/2/2012
7. I Am Give Up 7/23/2012
8. I Am Two Worlds 1/14/2013
9. I found 10/26/2012
10. I Will Never Forget You 1/14/2013
11. I'm Moving' on 12/12/2012
12. Look up 4/28/2013
13. My help comes up 4/28/2013
14. Oh Mother Not Cry 7/23/2012
15. What is love 7/22/2012
16. Where Are You At? 1/10/2013
17. Where Should be without your love 12/16/2012
18. Who is the girl look at me 7/22/2012
19. Without You 1/10/2013
20. You are with me. 1/22/2013

Oh Mother Not Cry

Oh mother not you cry because god will save your son. Not your cry anymore because god will save him and God is here. Not you cry no more because he is here now. Oh mother god knows how you feel. He knows where you going with your son. Oh mothers stop crying because he saves your son. Give thanks y and come sing to him and give thanks to him.

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