Hailey Stump

Freshman - 567 Points (August 7,1998 / Dayton)

Hailey Stump Poems

1. No Clue 10/21/2013
2. Give Me A Chance 10/21/2013
3. Fright 10/21/2013
4. Making Me Feel Like I'M Not Yours 10/26/2013
5. Roses Are Red 10/26/2013
6. Not True 10/26/2013
7. That Friday 10/26/2013
8. Why 6/5/2014
9. Right Now 6/5/2014
10. Keeping My Head High 6/5/2014
11. Kiss 6/5/2014
12. Butterflies 6/5/2014
13. Fear 6/5/2014
14. I'Ve Gotta Let It Go 6/5/2014
15. Kills Me 6/5/2014
16. Love 6/5/2014
17. Do You Remember Our Kiss 6/7/2014
18. When You Drink 6/9/2014
19. Pain 6/12/2014
20. When I'M Thinking Of You 6/14/2014
21. Scared 6/6/2014
22. How Much I Love You 6/16/2014
23. I'M Gone 6/20/2014
24. It's Just Not Fair 7/1/2014
25. A Little Confused, That's All 11/1/2014
26. Twinkle 11/1/2014
27. If I Don'T Speak 11/2/2014
28. Never Be Ashamed 11/2/2014
29. Say 1/25/2015
30. When I Was Depressed 1/25/2015
31. Please Set Me Free 1/26/2015
32. No More 2/23/2015
33. Why Are We Shy 2/23/2015
34. Cold Stone Empty Heart 2/23/2015
35. The Door To The Sea 3/23/2015
36. No One Knew All The Pain I Went Through 3/23/2015
37. We Should'Ve Stayed 6/13/2015
38. I Know You Did It To Protect Me, And I Know I Agreed 7/31/2015
39. Trippin' 7/31/2015
40. Wall Of Protection 7/31/2015
Best Poem of Hailey Stump

When You Call Me Beautiful

When you call me beautiful
You can tell I'm blushing
When you call me beautiful
You can tell I'm rushing to reply
When you call me beautiful
I can tell you're crushing on me
I know your the one thats meant to be
Because we love to see each other
I know you can agree
And i know sometimes you want to go on a kissing spree with me
You wonder why i always flea
Its because i know your the key
The key to unlocking the real me
And when you call me beautiful
I know your being truthful

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Facing The World Alone

The further you climb the harder you fall
Doesn't take long before you have nothing left at all
Don't know if i'm strong enough to face the world alone
Don't know how i'd cope without the place i call home
Living in a war zone battered and confused
Wish i didn't have to stay always feeling bruised
Selfless love is the key to unlocking peace
Until love is shown there'll be no release

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