Hannah Hebditch

Hannah Hebditch Poems

1. A Bullet Hit The Sky 3/29/2013
2. A Missing Light 3/29/2013
3. Daddys Gone 3/29/2013
4. Sickly 3/29/2013
5. Dear Someone 3/29/2013
6. Hide Away 3/30/2013
7. Break Me Again 3/30/2013
8. Proud 3/30/2013
9. If I Fall 3/30/2013
10. This Is Love 3/30/2013
11. Wounds Leak Pain 3/30/2013
12. Its The Same Day 3/30/2013
13. Pulse 3/30/2013
14. Daydream 3/30/2013
15. Blank 3/30/2013
16. Defeated 3/30/2013
17. Broken Girl 4/1/2013
18. Forgotten 4/6/2013
19. Dont Leave Me In The Dark 4/19/2013
20. I See Through 4/21/2013
21. Needles 4/23/2013
22. Live Real Life 7/12/2013
23. Faceless 7/12/2013
24. Follow On 7/12/2013
25. Life's Cycle 9/6/2013
26. Life Of A Flower 3/30/2013
27. Wooden Soldier 3/30/2013
28. Colour Me Red 3/30/2013
29. Dancing To Ambitions 3/30/2013
30. What I Never Understood 7/12/2013
31. What If Im Not Okay 4/6/2013
32. You'Re Losing Me 7/12/2013
Best Poem of Hannah Hebditch

You'Re Losing Me

Tough times never hurt like these
When all went down I still had my dreams
But they’re stating to drift away
I’m beginning to lose my place

I try to hide from your searching eyes
Though I don’t know how long I can hold off my goodbye
So I keep a smile on my face
Wait for the day to end its race

And when my light dims
All my hopes swing
On that thick rope in my closet
Waiting for the perfect moment

But really, I don’t want to go
Just escape from being low
My strength is fading along these lines
I’m not sure when it’s the right ...

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Dear Someone

Dear someone,
Can you hear me crying?
And feel me dying
I’m only five
But gripping onto the edge of my life
Won’t you help me?
Stand me back up and let me run free
All I want to see
Is me forever with my family

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