Harindhar Reddy

Freshman - 835 Points (Sept/19/1983 / Haliya, Hyderabad, India)

Harindhar Reddy Poems

1. Public, Oh, Public! Jubilant Republic Day! (Part-1) 8/7/2011
2. Red-Red = Double - Red Rebel Is In Trouble! (Part-1) 8/7/2011
3. Mysterious Sultan Without Dukedom (Part-1) 8/8/2011
4. Love Shock: Bitten By The Bug Of Love! (Part-1) 8/8/2011
5. Love Fever - Mania, Mania, Love Mania! (Part-1) 8/8/2011
6. Oh! Humankind Relax And Slow Down A Bit 9/16/2011
7. Life Is A Battle Field; Fight And Fight 10/18/2011
8. Larry And Harry! Gary And Mary! Read My New Love Story! 10/21/2011
9. Hustle And Bustle! Love Boats Jostle In My Heart’s Castle! 10/22/2011
10. Oh! Lonely Larry, Single Harry With One Gary Stands Alone In The Wood 10/23/2011
11. Nature Is The Destiny Maker: Boo, Boo, Cried Bobby - A Barmy Head! 10/24/2011
12. Jiggle-Gaggle! Wiggle-Waggle! A Single Bat Crocks Up In Jungle! 10/23/2011
13. Larry And Harry! Gary And Mary! Share A1 Friendship Story (Part-2) 10/25/2011
14. Row-Row! Row Your Love Boat! Ha-Ha! Merrily, Merrily, Merrily! 1/18/2012
15. Darling Daisy Sings! (My First Haiku) 1/18/2012
16. Toot-Toot! You Never Know A Girl In Love Will Suit Or Shoot You! 1/21/2012
17. Love Fever Grips! (My First Limerick) 1/22/2012
18. Tick! Tick! A Romantic Love Story (Lemirck - 2) 1/25/2012
19. Oh! Blue-Eyes, A Surpise, Here My Love Dies! (Lemerick - 3) 1/25/2012
20. In Love, Butterflies Buzz Around! (Lemerick - 4) 1/26/2012
21. Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle In My Ground With Romantic Sound! 1/29/2012
22. Counter Or Encounter! I'M Your Love Letter (Lemerick-7) 2/3/2012
23. Up In The Heaven 24/7 In Love, You And I (Haiku-3) 2/8/2012
24. Wine Or Dine! Stars Shine In Romantic Rain! (Haiku-4) 2/8/2012
25. Hark, Hark! Skylark In The Dark! (Haiku-5) 2/8/2012
26. My Love Brewed - For Others A Shock Rude! (Limerick 9) 2/5/2012
27. Ding-Dong! Natural Romance In The Spring (Limerick-13) 3/18/2012
28. Hardy-Har-Har! The West Wind - A Horror Story (Limerick-14) 3/19/2012
29. A Boy Hillbilly Forgot To Tell 'I Love You Lily' (Limerick-16) 3/20/2012
30. Ding-A-Ling, Dingdong-Bell, Singalong - Loner Is A Mourner! 7/26/2012
31. A Limerick To Drummer 'Ricks' 8/5/2012
32. Pop King Michel Jackson Came Alive - Dual-Rvierse-Etheree 8/19/2012
33. Boom Boom Human Rat Trapped In A Tiki Tiki Room 9/1/2012
34. 15 Amazing Natural Wonders Of The World! 9/8/2012
35. Two Tears Jazzed And Three Lonely Hearts Razzed! 9/21/2012
36. Love Are Jingling...... 9/21/2012
37. Harriet Is My Juliet, I Am Her Romeo Yet! 10/13/2012
38. The Name Of This Poem Is Missing :) :) 10/13/2012
39. Lovely Baby Boo-Boo! Kashmiri Dove Coo-Coo! 10/13/2012
40. Nonsense Poem: Life Is Reverse - Gulliver Meets Gulliputans 11/3/2012
Best Poem of Harindhar Reddy

A Dolly Bird (A Love Poem)

Daffodils, clear rills with musk-rose fills!
Tweet-tweet, It's a feast in eyes of the green universe;
With Her photographic smile, her youth blooms!
With genuine style, her bosom blossoms,
She is an apple of my eyes, my heart says;
Jeepers creepers! A dolly bird is the seventh wonder of my heart!

The beauty of a poem - romantic!
The beauty of the music - sardonic,
The beauty of light rays,
The beauty of life says,
Yet it is the beauty of the love fulfills!
Holy mackerel! A dolly bird is the seventh wonder of my heart!

Beauty is in her ...

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Four Things Inspired Me!

Innocence is bliss,
Experience is class
Childhood is remarkable as ever
But half-knowledge is dangerous as ever

Youth is wine!
Love is a fine toy
Beauty is joy
But friendship is divine!

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