helena dombrowski

Rookie (9-20-94 / St. Petersburgh, Russia)

helena dombrowski Poems

1. Noise 5/12/2008
2. Nothing Like Right Now 5/24/2008
3. Make Me Sad 7/12/2008
4. Ode To Black God 7/14/2008
5. Stefani Who 7/14/2008
6. Queen Of Hate 7/31/2008
7. Halloween Spook 10/9/2008
8. Wondering 10/9/2008
9. Its Hard Letting Go 3/18/2009
10. Alone I Stand 9/23/2010
11. The Default 9/23/2010
12. Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Freedom 9/23/2010
13. Now And Forever More.. 9/23/2010
14. The Call Of Temptation 9/23/2010
15. Dont Forget 11/4/2008
16. Haiku 2/17/2009
17. On My Own 6/20/2008
18. A True Friend 6/30/2008
19. You Treat Me... 3/20/2008
20. The 4 Seasons 3/18/2008
21. The Death Of A Planet 2/19/2009
22. What Is A Friend 4/18/2008
23. Wild Child 11/2/2008
24. Luv Hurts 2/26/2008
25. Help The People 2/27/2008
26. Not A True Mom 3/20/2008
27. You Are The One 3/20/2008
28. Put On A Mask 3/20/2008
29. Gone 3/20/2008
30. Invisible 3/23/2008
31. Why? ? ? 3/17/2008
32. I Wish Apon A Star 2/26/2008
33. My Last Tear 2/22/2008
34. Forget 12/23/2007
35. Everything Is My Fault 3/18/2008
Best Poem of helena dombrowski


You don't know what i want,
You don't know what i need,
So why not just forget about me?
You say you love me,
Just it's for my own good,
You're doing stuff I never thought you would.
I'm loosin' my mind, I can't think,
I thought we had a connection,
I thought we had a link.
I thought you loved me but that's down the drain,
You cut me too deep,
You put me through pain.
You promise me things
That you know you won't do,
So I'm just going to forget about you too.

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I Wish Apon A Star

how do you wish apon a star?
how can it hear you if it is up so far?
does it have magic to make it come true?
and how does it know exactly how to find you?
is there a special word you have to say?
or does it just come true the very next day?
does your wish even come true?
or is that just another thing to disappoint you?
after all, life is full of disappointments.

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