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1. I'M Not Sad But I Know Am Not Happy 8/10/2012
2. You Don’t Deserve My Love! 10/13/2011
3. I Will Live My Life Freely 6/22/2012
4. Sad Me 9/30/2011
5. Do You Really Love Me? 10/13/2011
6. He Doesn'T Love You Like I Do 6/28/2012
7. I'M Wearing Your Shirt To Sleep Tonight 6/28/2012
8. Friends 8/29/2011
9. Soon It Will Be Over 8/29/2011
10. I Will Hold On 10/29/2011
11. Sorry For My Lost 8/22/2012
12. The Lady With The Red Dress 6/17/2012
13. They All Fade Away With Time 8/29/2011
14. Trust 6/17/2012
15. Flying Blind 6/17/2012
16. Don’t Cry For Me Nigerian 10/13/2011
17. Stay Tonight 9/30/2011
18. Happy Independent Day Nigerian 10/13/2011
19. I Will Be There 6/29/2012
20. Why Will I Love! 7/19/2012
21. No More Love From Me 7/22/2012
22. The Unknown And Me 7/27/2012
23. This New Shamful Nigeria 7/31/2012
24. My Friends And My Problem 8/17/2012
25. Home Is Where Our Bed Is 8/21/2012
26. A Cry Of Shame 8/22/2012
27. Your Love Have Circle My Heart 9/3/2012
28. Gosh She Is So Far Away 5/19/2013
29. I Will Stick With Him(Love) 5/19/2013
30. I Can'T Sleep At Night Any More 5/19/2013
31. Pls Stop Saying It Is Well 5/19/2013
32. I Will Sleep In Your Generator Room I Swear 6/28/2012
33. Am Beging You 6/28/2012
34. Decoy In My Head 10/29/2011
35. Too Much Love 10/29/2011
36. When A Woman Loves 10/29/2011
37. My Heart A Perfect Place For Your Love 6/1/2012
38. Ambition 6/3/2012
39. I Love My Poem The Way They Come 6/3/2012
40. Too Much Too Little 6/12/2012
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I'M Not Sad But I Know Am Not Happy

i just hope i can feel again
Either sadness of joy
Either love or hate
Either pity or mercy

But all i know now is
i am not happy and i' not sad
I'm not okay to be alright
And i have to show the world
How strong this has mode me

That this will not bring me down
That i will like to tell the story
That life will fine me again
That i will soon smile

I am not angry or vex
I'm not full with that your hate
And tear doesn't want to come
I'm hanging inbetween
And the light ahead feel dem

I don't want your love
And i don't want ...

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Heart Robber

How i wish
I never go down that island
The first day i saw you

How i wish
I never look into your eyes
When you talk to me

How i wish

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