Treasure Island

icy storm

Poems of icy storm

1. 49 hours 11/25/2008
2. Alone In a Crowded Room 11/17/2008
3. Around Every Corner 11/11/2008
4. champion 11/11/2008
5. Colors of My Life 11/17/2008
6. Happiness 3/30/2009
7. Life 4/9/2009
8. Over The Hills and Far Away 11/17/2008
9. Rough Around the Edges 11/17/2008
10. Thank-You For Your Time 11/13/2008
11. The Desk 3/10/2009
12. the next it is gone 3/10/2009
13. The Walls 11/17/2008
14. through an opaque window 5/14/2009
15. What are You Thinking? 11/17/2008

Thank-You For Your Time

Time waits for nobody.
We are living our lives in nothing more than borrowed time.
Clawing with our fingernails through our darkest times, like a wandering worm traveling through the deepest darkest soils of earth.

Fools spend and waste time.
not knowing they will never return to an time they have once lived,
or see a time another has once seen.
They say 'the time is now'.
so cliche and such a lie.

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