India Wallace

India Wallace Poems

1. The Mask 2/19/2008
2. Falling 2/19/2008
3. Oblivion 2/19/2008
4. Scars 2/19/2008
5. March Of Broken Hearts 2/19/2008
6. Fallen 2/19/2008
7. My Place 2/19/2008
8. Do You Notice? 2/21/2008
9. Him 2/21/2008
10. Love Is A Slow Poison 2/21/2008
11. The Slaughter 2/21/2008
12. Suicide 2/21/2008
13. Nobody's Home 2/21/2008
14. Rejected 2/21/2008
15. Broken 2/21/2008
16. Smile 2/21/2008
17. The End 2/26/2008
18. Love 2/26/2008
19. Breathe 2/26/2008
20. Have You Ever.... 4/3/2008
21. A Few Words 5/6/2008
22. Ignite 2/19/2008
Best Poem of India Wallace


Ignite your tears
Ignite your fears

Ignite the world with me tonight
God knows we need something to keep our mind off the pain

Lets stand upon the highest building
And scream the injustice of this world to the streets below
We'll watch the flames take hold of this empty city
And burn everything we once held dear,
Everything we thought we needed, thought we wanted.

We'll watch our entire lives go up in smoke

This world will be reborn in a firey glow,
And as ash falls like rain from the blackened sky,
We'll know,
That we can finally ...

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The Mask

There is a mask
That i wear
To cover the feelings
I cannot share

There is a smile
Etched into the mask
Without it, i'm sure
My disguise would fall apart

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