Infinity Poetry

Rookie (June of 92 / Canandaigua)

Infinity Poetry Poems

1. 'Times Favor' 11/17/2010
2. 'This Blue Mat' 11/23/2010
3. 'Chasing Rush' 11/23/2010
4. You Came Back 9/30/2012
5. 2 Souls 1 Heart 10/2/2012
6. Peach Orchard 10/4/2012
7. 'A Walls Perspective' 11/27/2012
8. 'Understandable' 11/24/2010
9. 'I Might Just Move To Florida' 11/23/2010
10. 'It Screams Your Name' 11/23/2010
11. 'Someday' 11/17/2010
12. 'It Was You' 9/11/2012
13. 'The Climb' 11/23/2010
14. 'I Write Everyday' 11/23/2010
15. 'Makes Me Happy' 11/23/2010
16. 'Who You Really Are' 11/23/2010
Best Poem of Infinity Poetry

'Who You Really Are'

We're to busy worried about tomorrow
to think about today
and we're to busy trying
rather than taking the easy way
everythings so difficult
yet we always have a plan
we argue and fight
but in the end we understand
if tomorrow never came
would we be happy where we died
and if you lost your job right now,
could you honestly say you tried?
take time to think, about this long and hard
take time to figure out who you really are

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'This Blue Mat'

This blue mat is where I live my dream
it's where the judges watch my family, team
When i'm on this mat the crowd goes wild
it's been my home since I was a child
This blue mat is where I sweat and bleed
it's where I learn, succeed
When i'm on this blue mat I shine so bright
it's where i'm happy when nothings right
I couldn't live a day without this blue mat

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