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Irfanulla Shariff

Poems of Irfanulla Shariff

1. A Tribute To The Illuminated Woman of World War II 3/3/2013
2. Candles Gazing In Tranquillity 1/31/2013
3. Reach Out! 4/1/2013
4. The Rain 1/14/2013
5. The Sweetest Fragrance 10/8/2013
6. The Valley Of Butterflies 10/18/2014
7. Today's Anthem 4/4/2013
8. Today's Song 2/4/2013

The Rain

The rain splashes and thunder
Watching through the window, I wonder
Is this Mother Nature's whirling dance?
Or just a heavenly romance
The swinging trees and lightning
This scene is so brightening
Sometimes pouring
Sometimes drizzling
Those nomadic rain drops

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