Iris Rain

Iris Rain Poems

1. A Smile 5/19/2010
2. A Soft Scent In The Air 4/13/2010
3. Ever, And Always 5/24/2010
4. Frozen Tears 6/19/2010
5. Happiness Is A Strange Thing 7/4/2010
6. I Found My Heart 3/18/2010
7. I Remembered The Rain 9/29/2010
8. If I Stopped Playing With You 6/20/2010
9. If Our Hearts Beat As One 6/20/2010
10. If You Love Me... 8/25/2010
11. If You Love... 3/24/2010
12. In Love 5/20/2010
13. Love Should Not Be 3/14/2010
14. Mirror Image 3/31/2010
15. Note To A Lover 4/20/2010
16. Pieces 8/25/2010
17. Realm Of Yesterdays 5/5/2010
18. Silence 6/19/2010
19. Silly Boy 6/19/2010
20. The First Day Of Snow 4/13/2010
21. The Heart In Pieces 3/17/2010
22. Today You Are Not Here 5/22/2010
23. What Of Us? 9/29/2010
24. Who I Am 4/13/2010
25. Why Do I Love You? 5/23/2010
26. Your Smiles 5/23/2010
Best Poem of Iris Rain

A Smile

There is something in a smile
Sometimes a smile cheers you
Sometimes a smile warms you
Sometimes a smile says so much, and sometimes it is nothing more than a curve of the mouth.

Smiles are beautiful when it is truly given
Smiles are precious when it came from the heart
Smiles are comforting when it is kind, and sharp as knife when it is malicious

Give me a real smile from the heart over false compliments, and empty flattery. The world would be a sad place, if a real smile cannot be found anywhere

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The Heart In Pieces

The heart in pieces, taunting, bleeding, shattered…
Of a dream once iridescent and complete,
Now shred to tatters, like the heart,
Laying in broken pieces

The dream in pieces, tear up, lost, forsaken…
Of the once tender, gloriously beating heart
Now broken, and shattered into pieces

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