Treasure Island



1. A Baby Heals A Broken Heart 5/7/2009
2. A Beautiful Heart 5/8/2009
3. A Broken Rib To Remember 5/6/2009
4. A Butterfly I Used To Know 8/3/2010
5. A Crazy Dream 9/3/2009
6. A Cup O' Java 3/26/2010
7. A Day At The Fair 5/15/2009
8. A Difference Of A Day 12/29/2013
9. A Dream That Grew From Loneliness 9/3/2009
10. A friend (haiku) 6/25/2009
11. A Friend Will Tell You 6/27/2009
12. A Heart Is Like A Compass 5/5/2009
13. A Heart Is Still A Heart 5/5/2009
14. A Kind Letter Made Me Cry 9/8/2009
15. A Kiss I Send 11/2/2011
16. A Lady She Is 8/26/2009
17. a little bright star 5/22/2009
18. A Lost Moment 8/17/2009
19. A Lover Feels The Pain 3/29/2010
20. A Lover Knows Death Many Times Over 9/25/2009

This Silent Night

Madonna upon the tea rose painted plaster wall
you faithfully weathered and lived it all
you with your halo and glaze of shiny white
your bleached robes reflecting the flourescent light
Baby Jesus naked in your arms, your knowing gaze; just right
you've silently witnessed all the fights, but speak not a word
until I turn out the last light each night

Sillouetted against a circular screen of powdered blue

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