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Jay Bradley

(Eschenbach in der Oberpfalz)

Poems of Jay Bradley

1. All roads lead to Aurora 9/13/2011
2. An Agnostic's Hymn 9/13/2011
3. Angelfish Memories 9/13/2011
4. Athena 9/13/2011
5. Bare trees and dead leaves 9/13/2011
6. Coffee Shop Caffeine Buzz 9/21/2011
7. Gesicht 9/16/2011
8. Hollywood Dowry 9/21/2011
9. Island In A Dream 9/13/2011
10. It Is, We Are 9/13/2011
11. Lonely Angel On Hallow Ground 9/15/2011
12. Madonna 9/13/2011
13. Mary 9/13/2011
14. On the Surface and under 9/13/2011
15. Our Ghosts Rich In Health 9/13/2011
16. Ramble Ramble 9/13/2011
17. Random Nonsense 9/13/2011
18. So sayeth the sage 9/13/2011
19. The Blues, The Jazz, The City 9/16/2011
20. The Cut 9/13/2011

The Whimper

The story of young men and women blossoms under the Devilmoon's shade,
This is where stars hide because gilded boulevards envy them so:
Where nights illuminate themelves in the crossroads of brick-bedecked corridors,
Where one might see hanged gallows and galleries of the heart soul and spirit of the happily hungry,
Where all types tend to follow the status quo: tolerance; where some aspire for more;
And this is what the Billy-Bob thumb-**** Dales choose to not understand,
So becomin

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